How to Scale Successful Linkbuilding Strategies

When it comes to link building so much time is put into researching, planning, and executing each strategy. When a strategy is successful you already have all the planning done, and know how to execute it. All that remains is to find more sites that are similar to the one that was successful. To quickly do this I use the tool

The Similar Site Search LogoSimilar Site Search is a search engine that helps searchers to find similar, related, or alternative websites. For example when I searched for SEER Interactive they found 50 similar sites. If you look at the site topics, which are the criteria that they look to match up with SEER they are SEM, SEO, and Analytics which are the main services SEER Interactive offers.

SEER Interactive On Similar Site Search

Finding Similar Sites For Successful Strategies

The following are ways I've used Similar Site Search to find more linking opportunities.

Finding Copy Cat Websites

With the explosion of Pinterest we developed a strategy around the website, but the client was a male focused brand and Pinterest has a dominant women following. By using Similar Site Search we were able to find several Pinterest copy cat sites that were tailored more for men. A lot of the sites I had never heard of before and by plugging in one of these "Pinterest for men" urls into the search again we were able to find more sites on the topic.

Finding Niche Blogs

With Halloween coming up there are is a lot of strategies around horror films, costumes, and of course zombies.  If you have a strategy that is targeting a unique niche like zombies then simply searching by the keyword or a popular site url can give you a fast list of sites to prospect. Similar Site Search For Zombies

Expanding To Other Interests

Another area that I've found this tool useful was in expanding ideas and finding new networks for a client I have in the vision space. I did a search for, which is a charity that is combatting blindness in developing countries, and was presented with several more charities, sites, and resources that we could possibly team up with. This search sparked ideas and led to networks that we could work with. For example from this search it led us to possibly work with the Braille Institute and a group for parents with blind or visually impaired children. Similar Site Search For


I hope that this tool helps you to quickly multiply your linking successes by finding more relevant sites. Also try using this tool in your next brainstorm session, to see if it sparks any new ideas. If you do I'd love to hear how it went.

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Benjamin Beck is an SEO Associate with SEER Interactive. You can follow him on Twitter!

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