How to Prioritize Work for Busy Clients

Have you ever run into a situation where you’ve identified all these amazing opportunities for your client, but they’re so busy that they have trouble finding the bandwidth to review them, let alone implement them? Before you know it, these opportunities that you were so stoked about are still sitting unread, collecting dust months later. So, how can you help prioritize work for a client that’s so busy?

1. Only send over the top 3 opportunities identified

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There’s nothing worse than when you have a full plate and you know you need to check things off the list, but you’re overwhelmed on where to even start. Well, clients are no different. But by sharing only the top opportunities in small lists of 3, you cut down the daunting list they would otherwise have to work through and instead have them focused on 3 digestible items.

 2. Order tasks by estimated effort

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What if you’ve already delivered a list of more than 3 things? Don’t worry, it’s not too late! Revisit the list of opportunities you’ve identified and create a priority order based on the level of effort. Maybe your client only has an hour to work on things you’ve given them, perfect! They can quickly scan the items and see that they can knock off one or two things from the list during that time. Once they’ve gotten a few things checked off, you’ve gotten their attention and it will likely be easier for them to agree to working on more things again.

 3. Show the impact they’re missing out on

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Nothing catches someone’s attention more than when you put into plain figures the opportunity missed each day, week, or month that action isn’t taken. The most effective way to communicate this is often via revenue, however, feel free to use any metric that would resonate best with your client. Maybe it’s website traffic or qualified leads. Whatever metric that will hit home for your client and give them that extra bit of awareness, utilize it!

Tell Us What’s Worked For You

Have you seen success utilizing these tactics, or have tried ones similar? Let us know about them! Comment below on your situation and what you did to successfully prioritize work for your busy client.


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Jackie Schluth
Jackie Schluth
Sr. Manager, SEO