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If you're a marketer and wondering if, and how, AI could help with your content marketing, this post is for you.  Emily Johnson shares how utilizing ChatGPT can help with writing blog posts that amplify human creativity, not replace it.  By the end of the post, you should have an understanding of how ChatGPT can help with your marketing content.

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The Power of AI-Driven Research

Crafting a Cohesive Structure with AI

Creativity through Collaboration

Embrace the Future of Content Creation

AI is making it easier and faster to create content!

At Seer, AI has been at the forefront of everyone's mind! How can we use AI to enhance communication, how can we use AI to understand the customers' journey, and how can we utilize AI to drive real results?  

As a social media marketer, I am always focused on creating compelling content that informs, entices, and drives actions by meeting my target audience where they are with the best answer. So when I thought up my most recent blog post Threads vs. X: The Battle of the Blurbs, I knew AI would be the perfect ghostwriter. This is my journey of how AI helped me streamline my writing progress.

The Power of AI-Driven Research 

As someone who graduated with a degree in journalism, I know how long it can take to comb through articles for a tiny nugget of information. This is where I wanted to utilize AI the most. I simply put: ‘What are the similarities and differences between Threads and Twitter (now known as X)’, and bam, ChatGPT plus a web crawling plugin scrapes the internet to find the nitty gritty details I was looking for. It took AI seconds of what would take me potentially hours, AND the information displayed in an easy-to-read chart! 


Now, how do I know that the majority of the information was right? Well, I fact-checked everything. But I do say ‘majority’ purposely; after some research, it appears that ChatGPT is updated roughly every 15 days. The subject matter of what I was writing was very new as the platform Threads had been active for roughly two weeks, and many articles had not covered all of the platform’s capabilities. This left ChatGPT with little to pull from and in some instances led to incorrect or outdated information. 

[TIP] ChatGPT is not perfect and can make up or provide outdated information, always fact-check before publishing.

Crafting a Cohesive Structure with AI

While in college, I wrote A LOT. Did I mention I was in the school of journalism? Something that I noticed very quickly was that writing has a formula. You need a beginning, middle, and end, but each section needs to be arranged to have the most captivating information first, followed by supporting context and details. This is meant to keep the reader engaged and ensure that ideas flow logically, but as marketers, we understand that keeping anyone engaged these days can be a struggle. 

This is where AI has proven to be my partner in crime. Sometimes when writing, you’re swimming in an endless sea of information and you’re not sure where to start. AI’s ability to analyze content patterns and organize information can help create a coherent structure that captivates readers from start to finish.

After gathering my initial research (thanks again, ChatGPT), I input the key points I want to cover into ChatGPT’s message field. AI then suggested various structures, outlining different ways to present the information we had compiled. This not only saves time on brainstorming but also gives me a fresh perspective on how to approach my topic to ensure my blog is as engaging and comprehensive as possible.

Creativity through Collaboration

I know what you’re thinking; well, I bet your blog sounds like a robot. 

Well, if you’ve read my blog, Threads vs. X: The Battle of the Blurbs (shameless plug, go read it if you haven’t), you can tell this blog is very much in my voice. Cute little jabs at Elon (sorry, not sorry), snarky comments, and a lot of personality.  

Utilizing AI doesn't stifle creativity but enhances it. By taking care of the research and structure, AI frees up mental space for me to focus on what I do best – infusing the content with my unique (and sometimes snarky) voice and personal point of view.

The AI offers research and guidance, acting as a creative partner, while I bring my individuality and flair to the content. This not only improves the quality of my writing but allows me to write a blog in a fraction of the time. In agency life, time is very, very precious! (Insert the Farris Buller quote here)

Conclusion: Embrace the Future of Content Creation

At Seer, we know if you’re not moving with the times, you’re falling behind. Negative repercussions of that may not come immediately, but they’re inevitable. (We’re looking at you, Blockbuster, RIP)  

While there might be concerns about the role of AI in replacing human creativity, my experience shows that AI is a tool meant to amplify, not replace. AI has enriched my blog writing in ways I couldn't have imagined.  

So if you’re not using AI every day in multiple ways, what are you doing? It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Now the only left for you to do is try to figure out, what I wrote in this blog and what AI wrote in this blog. Good luck 🙂

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Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson
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