Seer Takes On Your Hottest GA4 Questions


Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is an overhaul of Universal Analytics (UA). Over the next few years, everyone using Google Analytics will need to switchover to GA4.

Our Seer Analytics team members: James, Stephen, Emily, Winter, and Catherine broke down the key benefits, highlighted what’s changing, and shared a prioritization framework to support planning ahead in this Live Panel Q&A:

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Key Takeaways

We answered 40+ questions throughout the Live Chat, here are some highlights:

  1. Look at GA4 as an entirely new product. How marketers and site owners collect, measure, analyze and use data will evolve thanks to GA4’s new user-centric data model and built-in machine learning capabilities.
  2. Although you’ll lose access to some well-known GA features, there’s WAY more to be excited about in GA4. You’ll be able to measure the user journey and the impact of your marketing efforts on website performance in a way that wasn’t possible before. Plus, GA4 will offer widespread access to features previously exclusive to GA 360 customers (e.g. Advanced Analysis, BigQuery Exports, and more!)
  3. Creating a parallel tracking instance now will only help you later. Depending on your business needs, fully committing to GA4 during the BETA might not make the most sense. However, keep in mind that with all the new changes coming, there’s 100% going to be a learning curve (not to mention your historical GA data will NOT carry over to new GA4 properties!) So, we strongly encourage setting up a GA4 Test Property ASAP using built-in and recommended events to get a better understanding of the interface and to start collecting data for the sake of future comparisons.


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Kia Street
Kia Street
Sr. Manager, Marketing
Stephen Harris
Stephen Harris
Team Lead, Analytics
James Corr
James Corr
Assoc. Director, Digital Measurement Solutions