How to Build a Startup Inside Your Organization

Innovation and Creative Problem-Solving Aren’t Exclusive to Startups

Establishing a culture that encourages new ideas and failing fast can happen in any organization — regardless of shape or size.

With the right tools in your toolbelt, you can take the lead in creating a start-up environment right where you are. In our live Q+A, our panelist share their wins, pitfalls, and tips for you to build a start-up right where you are.

Our Panelists

A diverse group of technical folks and change-agents who have created startups inside of larger organizations like Vanguard, Motley Fool, and Seer:

Recap & Key Takeaways

In part one, we discuss how to drive change/bring this to life in your current organization:

👍 Org Readiness

👌 Leadership Buy-in

Change Management

In part two, we begin unpacking the sights and sounds of what to look for in your future if your organization isn’t ready to innovate (but you are!):

💭 Leadership Team, Manager, and Fellow Colleagues

At Seer, we value innovation (we even have a few team members dedicated to just that), if you’re looking to join an organization that embraces change and new ideas, check out our open roles.


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Kia Street
Kia Street
Sr. Manager, Marketing