How a Rapper Cost the Finance Industry Millions

Are you burning money?

People have changed way they search and intent is more complicated than ever to understand. It’s easy to miss these anomalies like when a rapper drops a new song that overtakes one of the main SERPs for your business..




Teresa Lopez Headshot Photo

Teresa Lopez
Content Lead

Jordan Strauss
Data Strategy Manager


This webinar is for marketing teams in the finance industry who understand the challenges they are facing in the SERP– rich snippets preventing searchers from seeing your sites, affiliates dominating the SERP, media references stealing your spend and are looking for ways to find wins. In this hour, Teresa & Jordan will guide you through the shifting financial search landscape and learn how to find opportunities in existing data by bringing them together.

What We Covered

How to catch pop culture and news references that waste your spend
How to identify searches that result in real dollars for your business
How to find the searches where financial institutions can and should still rank for
What content to create to capture long-tail informational searches
Who is ranking for search features that you can win
How to turn PPC data into “Big data” and get more value form clicks
How to catch affiliates ranking with snippets for your brand keywords, confusing customers, and in the worst cases misinforming them


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