Are you turning your audience away after they visit your site?

Like millions of other fans, I've enjoyed watching episodes of Project Runway weekly on BravoTV, on, on YouTube this past season. I, nor many of my friends my age have a cable TV or satellite subscription—Internet service is king. So in the case that there's a cable television show that we absolutely have to watch, our first resource is the network's website. Unfortunately for Bravo, all full episodes weren't showcased on their site so many disappointed seekers averted to YouTube for their weekly doses of "Fierce," "Make it work," and "Auf wiedersehen."

By not showcasing full episodes of the highly popular show, they missed out.

You should be the first source for consumers looking for your anything that relates to your brand and not allow your potential customers to look elsewhere for information. The more informative and interactive your site is, the more likely people are to visit, revisit often and become familiar with your all your services and/or products.

Create an oasis for like-minded internet users to converge and share ideas on your industry and your products. By creating forums and allowing comments on blogs and articles, you can gain a greater insight into your customer's desires and get instant feedback (way quicker and less conspicuous than sending out a survey, don't you think?) And, of course this would not be a complete SEO post without the mentioning of quality backlinks. Having truly helpful substance on your site gives other webmasters a convincing reason to link there, naturally.

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