5 Link Opportunity Questions You Forgot to Ask Your Client

Sometimes we're in such a rush looking for the next big link idea that we miss the quality low hanging opportunities ripe for the picking.

1. Does your company provide scholarships?

There are HUNDREDS of sites listing companies that provide scholarships. Not only can you land a deep link, there's a good possibility it could be a deep link from a .edu or site. Even if your client doesn't offer a scholarship, why not find 50 quality sites that list business scholarships and pitch a $500 scholarship idea as a quality bulk link buy for your client?

2. What fraternities and sororities did your C-Level managers participate in during school?

Yep, another way to get links from a .edu. Most colleges and universities provide hosting for fraternities, sororities, clubs, etc. These groups can link out to alumni profiles, businesses & advisors. I know my honors franerdity links out. Does yours?

3. What industry blogs do you follow?

Oh, you don't? It's not always about getting a link for the client. The more a client is educated about the broad scope of their business, the less time you have to spend on questions that do not drive home conversions and revenues. This is the perfect opportunity to have your client read blogs to help your cause, whether you're a graphic designer, developer, or SEO. Heck, they might even start commenting and linking. Just remind them of the proper way to comment on blogs by sending them a link to's correct commenting post.

4. Does your company sponsor any athletic events?

While not everyone likes gutting it for 5 kilometers, there are dozens of sites that list races by city, state, & region. If your client sponsors a 5k race, bike race or adventure race, make sure they're listed on these sites. Up attendance and links. Mmmboy.

5. Are there any women or minorities that are C-Level managers? Yes, your client will most likely be defensive and hesitant to answer this question, but do you want to remain in the shadow of PCness or get some juicy links? Act and ask in their best interest. Apologize later if necessary. There are local, national & international sites listing women, African America, Asian, and other minority owned/operated businesses. Lots of low hanging links that will be appreciated at the end of the day.

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Adam Melson
Adam Melson
Assoc. Director, Business Strategy