A Career Launching Internship

Interns at Seer are more than just coffee-fetchers and paper-pushers.

On Day 1, our Digital Marketing Interns and Analytics Interns are treated just like full-time team members on Day 500. New internship opportunities now available in Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, or Data Analytics – you pick!

As a Seer Intern, you’ll receive two weeks of hands-on training across PPC, SEO, and Analytics. Once you’re all trained up, you’ll support real client projects and deliverables, developing the skills you need to kickstart a full-time career in digital marketing. Get ready for a mix of training and real-world experience joining client calls, working on deliverables, and supporting the team with reporting. This is a 100% paid internship, preparing you for the skills you’ll need to succeed in entry-level opportunities in Seer and beyond.

The Day-to-Day: What Do You Do as a Digital Marketing Intern or Analytics Intern?

Great question! Here’s how you will contribute as an Intern at Seer:

  • As a Digital Marketing Intern, you will take a holistic approach to digital marketing by splitting your time 50/50 between SEO and PPC. You will be aligned to one client project, acting as a “Junior Associate” contributing to real client deliverables. Get ready to grow your skills in Google Ads, Google Analytics, SEMrush, STAT, and Power BI.
  • As a Web Analytics Intern*, you will join our Analytics Team, hopping onto two client engagements, and working alongside account teams as a “Junior Associate”. You’ll work in Google Analytics, Excel, and data visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI, contributing to real client deliverables.
  • As a Data Analytics Intern*, you will join our Data Strategy team, working within our Data Warehouse. You will bring experience working with Big Data, SQL, and Python to help build out our capabilities and contribute to agency-wide innovation.

*As of Spring 2019, our Web Analytics and Data Analytics internships are only offered in our Philadelphia office.

But don’t just take our word for it… Check out these blog posts where past Interns share their experience here at Seer:


Craving collaboration? You’ve come to the right place.

As a Seer Intern, you’ll have a lot to learn! Thankfully, we’ve got you all set up on an all-star team, ready to sink your teeth into the world of digital.

Our team will spend the next 12 weeks helping you help yourself. So when your internship comes to a close, you’ve got the skills you need to kick start a career in digital marketing, web analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), or paid search (PPC).

Interns – you’ll have a team of ride-or-die interns. From our Digital Marketing Interns to our Analytics Interns, you will connect on a weekly basis as a group, checking in, learning from each other, and growing together.

Associates – you’ll work closely with 1-2 Associates on a daily basis, supporting client deliverables, projects, and requests.

Managers – you’ll work with 1-2 Managers within your division. They provide guidance, feedback, and support you.


What Skills Do You Need to Succeed as a Digital Marketing Intern or Analytics Intern at Seer?

Glad you asked.

  • You’re passionate about digital marketing and it shows through your industry involvement (Coursework, Clubs, GOMC, Extracurriculars, Blogs, Twitter, Meetups, etc.)
  • Communication is your strong suit. Your spelling and grammar are flawless, and you’re concise with your words.
  • When it comes to time management and meeting deadlines, you’re a natural. You juggle competing priorities with ease.
  • You love learning. You’re hungry for new opportunities to expand your knowledge and contribute to the team.
  • You analyze, ask why, and always turn to the data for answers. You think critically about problems and take a data-driven approach to solving them.
  • Proactive, Proactive, Proactive! Can’t emphasize this one enough. We’re go-getters, we’ve got hustle. You too? Perfect.


Care to join us?

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Intern to Full-Time? You betcha.

The goal of our internship program is to give you the skills you need to qualify as an Associate on our SEO, PPC, Analytics, or Data Strategy teams. Over the course of your 12-week internship, you’ll gain the skills you need to kick start your career in digital marketing or analytics. So when you’ve graduated from our internship program, you’re the candidate that companies dream of.

Yes, we actually hire interns! How? By offering a meaningful internship experience, where interns are learning about real deliverables, just as much as they’re delivering on them.

Here’s a couple real examples, from real interns, who had a lasting impact (so much that we hired them!!):

  • As a Digital Marketing Intern, Greta Hartsell presented a 60-slide Competitive Analysis to one of our healthcare clients
  • As a Web Analytics Intern, Gaby Rodier created several innovative multi-segment monthly reports for clients

Check out these team members who grew their internships at Seer into full-time careers:




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Where do I sign up?

We thought you’d never ask. Our internships run for 12 weeks, three times a year: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Check out our schedule below for details on each semester.

You decide which coast is the “best coast” – We offer paid internships in Philadelphia and San Diego.

Digital Marketing Internship Cycles

These dates are subject to change, but are meant to give you an idea of when you should start polishing your resume and plan around your busy schedule, study abroad plans, and club meetings you’re probably already juggling you go-getter, you.

Spring December – January February – April
Summer March – April May – August
Fall July – August September – November

Already tied up this semester, but would love to work with us next semester? That’s okay! We’re always accepting rolling applications. Feel free to apply anytime and select the upcoming internship cycle that you’re interested in exploring.


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