A Career Launching Internship

Interns at Seer are more than just coffee-fetchers and paper-pushers.

On day one, our Interns on day one are treated just like full-time team members on day 500.

As a Seer Intern, you’ll receive two weeks of intensive training across PPC, SEO, and Analytics. Once you’re all trained up, you’ll support real client projects and deliverables, developing the skills you need to kickstart a full-time career in digital marketing. Get ready for a mix of training and real-world experience joining client calls, working on deliverables, and supporting the team with reporting.

SEO, PPC, Analytics

The Day-to-Day

Here are a few examples of past projects our interns have worked on:

  • Greta Hartsell presented a 60-slide Competitive Analysis to one of our healthcare clients
  • Seer’s Analytics-intern-turned-Senior Associate, Gaby Rodier created several innovative multi-segment monthly reports for clients
  • Brooke Robertson and Christina Tornetta created a slide deck for a client about best practices for social ads on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, which now serves as a resource for the whole team.

In addition to the projects above, interns in the past have written some great posts for our blog:


You’re Paired With a Ride-or-Die Mentor

Landing an internship and immersing yourself in the real Working World can be kind of terrifying… we get it. To help make your experience the best it can be, we pair all interns with a mentor.

A mentor is a Seer employee who is your dedicated point of contact during your internship. They hold regular 1:1 meetings with you to discuss your goals, offer feedback on projects, answer your “I’m-too-afraid-to-ask” questions — basically, they’re your Seer Sensei.

Care to join us?

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We Offer Full-Time Opportunities

Yes, we actually hire interns! It’s beneficial for us to provide a meaningful internship experience.

“I knew Seer was where I wanted to be.”

Jackie Schluth

We’ll support you along your journey to full-time post-graduation employment, and the opportunity is yours for the taking! Check out these team members who grew their part time internships at Seer into a full time digital marketing careers:




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What Makes a Great Seer Intern?

Glad you asked.

  • Ability to take initiative and run with independent projects
  • World class time management skills and the ability to prioritize tasks
  • Proactive, Proactive, Proactive!
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at once with competing deadlines
  • Desire for continuous learning + knowledge sharing
  • Digital Agency experience is a huge plus!
  • SEO, PPC, or Analytics experience is preferred (not just classroom experience)
  • Ability to connect the dots and see the bigger picture of how Digital Marketing impacts other areas of a business

Let’s Get Down to Business

We offer 3 paid internship cycles every calendar year between our Philadelphia and San Diego offices: a Spring program, a Summer program, and a Fall program.

Digital Marketing Internship Cycles

These dates are subject to change, but are meant to give you an idea of when you should start polishing your resume and plan around your busy schedule, study abroad plans, and club meetings you’re probably already juggling you go-getter, you.

Spring January February–May
Summer April May–August
Fall July September–November

Already tied up this semester, but would love to work with us next semester? Stay in touch with us to hear about job openings, Seer announcements, and culture-related news by becoming a member of our Talent Community.


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