Inside SEER: A Guide to Link Prospecting

This is the first post in our “Inside SEER” series where we’ll be sharing with you, almost verbatim, what we share with each other at SEER. We have an internal resource here at SEER that we almost always defer to whenever someone has a question or needs help on a certain process. Before now, this content […]

Using Followerwonk to Build Relationships and Assemble a Dream Team of Prospects

Prospecting for possible linking opportunities is a lot like selecting players for a team. You have to search high and low for the best players. You have to conduct multiple trials to determine if a player will provide better results than another person. You are going to have to make some tough calls and make […]

Throwing in the Towel on SEO

The backstory: …about an Intern, and a damn impressive one at that! Late at the bar after an event she sort of disagreed with me on something I was riffing on, and I liked it. She had moxie and would speak her mind! Then her resume came in…for PPC! Total sadface. I mean, I was […]

Company Blog Guidelines: Have a Purpose

A company blog is a tactic, not a strategy. Without a purpose, your blog will not perform. Think about your blog as a keynote speaker. Why might it be invited to a party, a board meeting or a conference? Think about the value your blog brings to the table in terms of topical expertise and […]

Help with Yelp for Business: Responding to Negative Reviews

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a blog post that featured some best practices when using Yelp for business, (I know, it’s a shameless plug), where I gave suggestions for combating negative Yelp reviews. I suggested businesses seek evaluations from their customers to obtain more comments. If these reviews are overwhelmingly positive, the Negative Nancy’s won’t […]

Using Facebook Custom Audiences For Untapped Social Remarketing

As remarketing continues to grow, advertisers are beginning to see more and more unique ways to re-engage their target market. One such option is Facebook’s Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences allows advertisers to enter email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDS, app user IDs, and IDFAs (Identifier for Advertising) into Facebook. If there is a match, a […]

Monitoring Your Brand – Unlinked Mentions

Monitoring your brand for unlinked mentions is beneficial for the following reasons: Find the issues Monitoring mentions of your brand garners thousands of unsolicited reviews from your customers. While it’s easy to see unhappy customers on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, all too often we forget that some people aren’t always going to bring […]

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