Case Study

Remarketing Leads to 23% Higher ROI and $1.69MM Revenue

Analytics, Paid Media


Travel, Hospitality & Tourism
Analytics, Paid Media
Over $1.69MM projected revenue in a single year, $8.5MM across 5 years


Understand the customer journey

AMResorts is a collection of luxury resort destinations spanning over 7 different brands, over 6 countries and 23 destinations. They first partnered with Seer so that they could implement tracking in a way that helped them identify and understand their audience better across all of their brands, as well as look at search holistically.

In one of the first analyses we worked on for AMResorts, we began to dig through the data being collected from our implementation and performed an analysis of their audiences across their brand websites, how users were navigating through the site, as well as how they were navigating through the different booking engine paths and converting.

Specifically, we were interested in seeing what the user journey looks like for people that navigate through the land-only booking engine (hotel vacation only, without flight).


Visualize the booking funnel


We used Advanced Analysis in Google Analytics 360 to visualize the booking funnel and analyze drop-off at each step of the process.

We found drop-off rates consistent across brand segments - with the largest happening on the Select Resort page (Step 1) and Guest Information Summary page (Step 4).

Our hypothesis was cart abandoners may have been researching options and prices without being ready to buy at that stage, or may simply not be ready to commit to booking yet.

Our recommendation was to create two audiences for retargeting users with the brand site and/or resort they had landed on via paid search:

  • Cart Abandoners (Step 1)
  • Cart Abandoners (Step 4)


Deploy remarketing campaigns

The Seer Paid Search team imported GA360 Audiences into Google Ads and initiated Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) campaigns in order to:

  • Increase Total Bookings and Conversion Rate
  • Generate Revenue
  • Surpass PPC ROI Goal



In the first two months, 44% of the total revenue earned from all 19 remarketing campaigns came from the new Seer audiences - while only 28% of the total cost was spent on attracting these groups. Overall, the four Seer audiences surpassed ROI goal by 90%.

Both of the Cart Abandoner segments drove the highest returns of all remarketing audiences - demonstrating the power of retargeting. 


Return-on-Investment (ROI)



Annual Projected Revenue


Total Bookings



Conversion Rate

“The Seer team did an exceptional job finding new opportunities within our audience segments. This analysis has led to even more advanced paid search audience development. We're looking forward to continued growth and success working together.”
Digital Campaign Analyst