Case Study

Salesforce and Google Ads Integration Improves Conversion Accuracy

Paid Media

This Case Study includes a step-by-step guide to the Google Ads & SalesForce account integration process to track SalesForce leads in your campaigns which will support the value of paid advertising.


Paid Media

3 closed-won deals

Challenge is an observability platform for businesses. Honeycomb’s main objective in working with Seer was to build strategic-based paid advertising and integrate full-funnel conversions. 

But in the account’s initial state, conversions were inaccurate and not aligned with their sales journey.

Inaccurate conversions could hinder their ability to effectively strategize and implement their paid advertising efforts, potentially leading to ineffective campaigns and suboptimal use of their marketing budget.



Step 1: Set up GCLID for offline conversions 

GCLID, or Google Click Identifier, is a unique tracking code appended to a URL when a user clicks on a Google Ad.

This code typically allows for the transfer of click information from Google Ads to Google Analytics, enabling detailed performance reporting and effective campaign optimization.

Salesforce bolts onto Google’s tracking code and captures GCLID in ad URLs, which is required to pull in this data through Salesforce. 

Step 2: Set up Salesforce account link to Google Ads

This is a relatively simple step, as there is a native integration between Google Ads and Salesforce.

Step 3: Align on sales journey & conversion values

To set Honeycomb’s account up for success, we worked with their sales team to walkthrough the standard sales process from free tier to enterprise, and how these leads are nourished along the way. 

The sales team shared their average lead value for a closed deal, which enabled our team to back into the estimated value of the conversion in the earlier stages.

This step enables ROI to be quickly calculated and campaigns adjusted and optimized down to the dollar.

Step 4: Conversion goal import session

Once the above steps were complete, we set up an import Zoom session including a Google Ads Admin user and the client Sales Manager or CRM Director on the call.

During this session we navigated to the Google Ads conversions tab and began the SalesForce conversion action set up alongside the Honeycomb team.


Within one month post-implementation, we successfully tracked 3 closed-won deals to paid advertising! The lead funnel continues to grow with earlier stage ‘Leading Working’ and ‘Meeting Accepted’ conversions.  

Our long term goal is to generate between 10-15 closed-won deals per month which will allow us to transition to Value-Based Bidding which could improve performance even further. For now, we’re focused on optimizing our targeting in order to scale our campaigns and generate adequate learnings for this bid strategy.