We see the search for information as the beginning of a journey.

When users embark on this journey, we act as their navigator. Now, we’re not just trekking along for the ride; we’re experienced guides that believe these users deserve to find your company’s awesome ideas along the way. Taking a holistic, digital marketing approach, we ensure that users find your brand at the summit.

After all…who cares if you build a ton of links, but no revenue comes from them? Who cares if you mechanically change bids on keywords 100 times each day but you’re still missing goals? Who cares if you have Analytics set up, but you still make decisions in the dark? We care about truly connecting with your audience in order to hit your business goals.

We believe that success hinges on building bridges between you, the client, and the people who need your products and services to solve their problem. We begin by understanding what our client’s customers need—whether it’s finding healthcare options for aging parents, learning the ins and outs of student loans, or determining the best project management solution for a multinational organization. We then do whatever we can to help, from developing in-depth product guides and tools, to improving the user experience of your website. In doing so, we believe your customers will see your brand as their trusted ally who they’d be happy to do business with.


Search Engine Optimization

Google isn’t searching for solutions to its problems on the internet—people are. We approach all of our projects with this people-first approach and inject our insights about your customers into long-term content strategies that directly impact your bottom line. If you’re strictly looking for links and rankings, we’re not the team for you. We created the concept of #RCS, and we practice what we preach. So, if you think we’re speaking the same language…

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Paid Search: Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Do you know what messaging appeals best to your community? What about the type of information they need at the different stages of their journey? There’s way more to PPC than pushing the “on” button and watching the leads and dollars roll in. We start by figuring out who your audience is, what’s important to them, and what channels and messaging resonate most before building out our strategy. Then, whether we’re running remarketing, display, paid social, or search ads, we’ll be your eyes and ears on your accounts, constantly optimizing and hustling to ensure we’re making the most of your budgets. Interested?

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Paid Social

Your audience is made of people. Real people. They’re not just a pool of numbers. But with organic social reach on the decline, it can be harder to reach those people. That’s where paid social comes in. We can help you better understand and reach your audience in the places where your audience already hangs out — whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, or YouTube.

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Making confident business decisions doesn’t simply depend on clean data, but a holistic understanding of your customers, their actions, and their needs. The goal of our Analytics team isn’t to just put together common-sense tracking implementations, but to understand how users are behaving on your site and to pinpoint actionable insights that allow you to discover opportunities to nudge them further down the funnel.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

You’re getting all this traffic, now what? Time to turn traffic into $$$. CRO is all about understanding your users’ reactions and feelings about the content on your site—then using that knowledge to get all their questions answered and clear out their path to conversion. We’ll kick off with some qualitative and quantitative research and use it to make a game plan for testing and constant improvement. Want to turn your existing traffic into more revenue?

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Here at Seer, we know that great design means more than putting a nice face on your landing page, ad, or eBook. That’s why our creative projects always start with data-driven strategy. If you’ve been looking for that one thing you could do to take your projects to the next level, this is it. We work together with our clients and colleagues from SEO, PPC, Analytics, and CRO to find that sweet spot where your business goals and audience needs intersect—and make things that people actually want to read, consume, and act upon.

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