Stephanie Powley

Sr. Manager, Business Support & Community

Stephanie is our Bi-Coastal Senior Office Manager at Seer and Executive Assistant to both Wil Reynolds and Larry Waddell. Steph’s job is multifaceted, which is one of the reasons she loves what she does. If you’re going to get something done – everyone knows, “Steph will do it”! She’s known for dipping her toes in any department where help is needed.

Stephanie started her administrative career in 2007. What began as a part-time gig grew into much more for her as she learned more about time management, HR, operations logistics, and became proficient in her role. A winner of the 2016 Office Ninja All-Star Award, a finalist in the 2017 eZ Cater’s Office Hero Award competition, and the 2018 Eureka Award winner — Steph’s skills do everything but go unnoticed, both in our office and out.

Stephanie is a lifelong Philadelphian, currently living in the Northeast section of the city. She loves the privacy, the scenery, and the peace that comes along with living outside of the inner city. Outside of the office, Steph loves working out, hanging out with her teenage son (who currently still thinks she’s somewhat cool), traveling with her husband, decorating her house, and exploring flea markets and yard sales on the weekends.