Hannah Cooley

Sr. Lead, SEO

Hannah is a Sr SEO Team Lead who has had the opportunity to work with and build strategies for various businesses and industries: Healthcare, SaaS, Finance, Insurance, B2B, and Enterprise Ecommerce- among others.

While she's been able to get her hands dirty with most aspects of SEO, her favorite will always be Audience Research and Content Strategy (especially data-driven and scalable content). Hannah's proudest of projects that start by digging into unique and varied data sources, finding audience questions or pain points that aren't being answered, and solving them through content that not only reaches clients' goals but truly helps the person who finds it.

While Hannah is sharp when it comes to strategy, not as much when it comes to life choices-she is one of two Seer team members (ever) who moved back to Philly after living in San Diego. Subsequently, Hannah is now deficient in Vitamin D for half the year. Outside of Seer, Hannah spends most of her time with friends and family (who no longer live 2,000+ miles away) and her pets: three cats and a very energetic unique labradoodle-pug mix.