Boomer Olivas

Manager, Analytics

Boomer is passionate about research, insights and innovations. With a marketing degree from the University of Oregon, he/him leans on experience as a data analyst, key accounts manager, program manager, and insights manager.

Having achieved fun feats in the beverage and experiential agency worlds, Boomer has helped some of craft beer's biggest brands transition from bottles into cans as well as provide consult into flavors, styles, and packaging solutions. He was a proud supporter of the Oregon Craft Brewers Guild, providing data-driven insights to Senator Wyden that ultimately helped protect craft beer business in the state of Oregon. Ultimately, employed by a local producer as a Key Accounts Manager, he managed a few million dollars worth of boozy apple juice at Whole Foods, Walmart, Trader Joes, CVS, and other retailers.

Outside of working hours, Boomer can be found surfing, roasting coffee, fishing, backpacking, or simply playing guitar alongside his dog Garth. He cooks fun food from scratch and loves equal times lazy and adventurous. He is passionate about ocean and wildlife conservation. He is probably researching and booking another surf/relaxation trip somewhere far away.

"Don't be upset you have to do it. Be thankful it can be done"