Google Ads Scripts 101Chapter one

Google Ads Scripts Intro

What are Google Ads Scripts?

Google Ads Scripts are pieces of JavaScript placed into a Google Ads account or at the MCC level.

They allow marketers to programmatically manage and report on Google Ads data allowing for the automation of common procedures, and enabling strategies that wouldn’t be feasible through traditional controls. Google Ads Scripts are customizable and can be scheduled as frequently or infrequently as you would like.

What are the benefits?

Google Ads Scripts will save you time!

  • Automate tedious, monotonous tasks that used to take hours
    • Hate sifting through thousands of rows of data to find out what keywords aren’t helping you reach your goal? Don’t waste your time, Google Ads Scripts to the rescue. Schedule scripts to run as often as hourly or as little as monthly.
  • Make account adjustments away from your computer
    • Need to turn off multiple campaigns Sunday at noon but you’re planning on going to the baseball game? No problem! Set up a script to do this for you.
    • Try this script from Free Google Ads Scripts. It can pause or activate campaigns, keywords, or ads—just pick the date!
  • Spend less time reporting and more time strategizing
    • Spending all your time reporting doesn’t drive direct revenue, strategizing what to do with the data does. Let us guide you to increase workflow efficiency.
    • Brainlabs’ 24 hour bidding schedule for Google Ads might be the script for you!
  • Keep things organized
    • Need to label products at a large scale within your account? Easily set up a script and a set of conditions to do this for you saving you hours of sorting through manually.  
    • This script applies labels to keywords based on your rules.
  • Make changes, big or small
    • Make large scale updates at the account level or get right down in the nitty gritty day to day details.
    • We like this script for our Shopping Campaigns. It creates ad groups and product groups in bulk.
  • Make your ads dynamic
    • Insert live data in your ads, increasing the relevancy of your ad to your searchers.
    • This Script can pull in weather data. If it’s raining in Philadelphia, boom—scripts will make the bid adjustment to help get your umbrella ad in position 1.

However, Google Ads Scripts can’t be used with Google Ads for video or Google Ads Express.

What else should I know?

Scripts are not limited to just Google Google Ads. Apps Scripts can be utilized across many of Google’s services including: Sheets, Docs, Forms, Sites, Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Groups, Maps, and Translate. For instance, this script integrates Docs, Sheets, & Calendar to send SMS updates within 5 minutes of a webpage going down. That way if you’re out of the office/away from your desk, you’d get notified immediately if there are pages down on your site.

We could seriously go on and on, but we’ll focus on scripts for Google Ads.

We understand, not many beginners understand the backend coding and how these scripts ultimately work within Google Ads. Check out Chapter Two to start learning the basics of JavaScript and Google Ads Scripts.