Will the Real Paid Search Expert Please Stand Up!

We've all seen the ads adorning the top of the Google SERPs: “Adwords Secrets Exposed,” “Killing the Adwords System,” “Money Saving PPC Strategies,” and several other claims that would grab anyone's attention who is thinking about or currently spending money on pay-per-click. The landing pages all look like they were created by the same direct response nightmare designer: red and blue 20pt type, and no images except for a small picture of the “book” the so-called expert has written, which can be yours for a one time fee of $95.00. And as an added value, you'll receive emails containing more of these insider trading techniques.

To a novice, these techniques and tips may seem legitimate, and maybe a few years ago they were. The truth is that the landscape has changed and will continue to change. A client said to me the other day, “The party is over,” and he was correct. So what these “Adwords Killers” should be selling us on is what to do now. I know how to write ad copy, how to set up campaigns, and optimize bids - So do the majority of the advertisers bidding for position on the same terms that I am. We all know the same best practices and it's becoming more and more difficult to compete in the space.

The truth is that there are so many varying opinions and experts giving advice on this topic that has become difficult to weed out the truly helpful information. I read articles on subjects that are too basic, too old, or from these so-called gurus who can save me millions a year by buying their eBook. There are a few honest and thought-provoking sites out there that I read on a daily basis to stay on top of the industry, but as far as the day-to-day management of my campaigns, there is not a lot of help out there. So where can someone like me, who has mastered the basics and even knows some “advanced tactics,” go for advice?

Paid Search Marketers guard their “intellectual property” very closely and I am guilty of this possessiveness, too – I don't want to show someone my strategy for developing, managing and growing my campaigns. Perhaps the real secret is that there isn't a secret. It's Marketing 101, only with more Math involved. What if there aren't any true Paid Search experts out there anymore or individuals who hold the key like there were five years ago and it's now about learning how to survive in this over-saturated rapidly growing competitive market? I would hate to think that there is nothing more to learn.

I have decided to post questions to the experts out there on a frequent basis. I am hoping that I will see new tips and ideas as a result. Hopefully we can collectively save another soul from buying “Adwords Secrets Revealed” for $19.95.

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