What to do when there are no more searches?

Have you ever thought of what you would do if your site was well positioned for all of your main keywords? Say you are DeWALT. What happens when you rank well for drills, miter saws, electric drills, cordless drills, power tools, reciprocating saw, etc, etc?

Do you stop SEO altogether?

Maybe you do. But what about the mindset of someone who uses these tools?

Why are they seeking out drills and saws? Could they be repairing their homes? Is there something DeWALT could offer to add value?

Recently I had the privilege of doing some research around a few kids games online. It became immediately noticeable that many big companies who could easily leverage the strength of their massive domains aren't thinking of the “application" keywords. Application keywords often focus on how people USE the things you offer on your site.

After reading a case study many months ago on's expansion to keywords like “Outdoor Weddings” it has had me thinking for some time.

Since SEO is still so new to so many companies, many are still targeting their primary keywords only and that is a great start! Heck, most companies are totally screwing up opportunities to rank well for primary terms. What do you do when you had a great ROI, exhausted top rankings, and maximized traffic for those primary keywords?


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Wil Reynolds
Wil Reynolds
CEO & Vice President