What really matters to Google? The Black Art Revealed

Until recently I worked in the marketing department at a major e-commerce firm where we handled the development of websites for major blue chip companies. Unfortunately marketing was never involved in the development of these sites. That disconnect between our e-commerce management and marketing services management would later haunt me for my 2 year tenure at said company. The question that would haunt me was “Why don't I appear number 1 for “X” in Natural search?”

Because our management teams never thought to consult one another on the development and marketing of our new partner's websites we were completely ill- equipped to handle their needs regarding SEO. We had major indexing problems with search engines due to duplicate content. Our company was using the same website template, product information, content management system, and pricing for over 23 partners.

Before I could completely appreciate the above issue I was forced to educate myself on a few basic principals regarding Natural Search Engine Optimization. It was essential that I learned these so I could handle question after question from my partners regarding their Natural Results. I would need this info to educate my partners so that they were equipped to go back to their executives and explain why they weren't showing up for specific keywords.

So where is a person to go when they know zilch about SEO? You would think that someone employed at a company that specializes in interactive marketing would have internal resources to lean on. But after some digging I came to learn, except for one person, that everyone within my company knew as much as I did. Which was? You guessed it…absolutely nothing. So I figured why not start with the two men who utterly revolutionized Search as we know it, Sergy Brin and Lawrence Page. While researching SEO I came across an absolute gem, their thesis from Stanford for Google! (more…)

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