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What's up friends Wil Reynolds here and I'm back for another Wasteful Wednesday.

The show where I show you how to save a little bit of money by combining your PPC and SEO data, and maybe doing paid just a little bit smarter than Google allows you to do in their platform.

Keyword of the Week: "Login"

Example Walkthrough: Query Intent

I wonder how often my clients are paying for keywords where a login page is on the first page of Google.

So what I did is I ran a SQL query, and I said, show me all the times where a search term is showing up where a page that includes the word login in the title is somewhere in the top 10. 

I ran that query and found some interesting things that I think everybody here who cares about saving their clients a little bit of money should watch, because heck if you could pay less for a click, why wouldn't you?

So let's go ahead and talk about that.

Query: "Cisco dpc3925 docsis 3.0 2 port voice gateway usuario"

So the first thing I'm finding here is a keyword that triggered a search term for one of our clients that got at least one click.

By looking at the fact that there's a log-in page ranking in the top spot, because it's in the title... helps me to say, hmm, what kind of word in here might be triggering log-in pages that I can negate to save myself from a couple of those wasted clicks.

Query: "lost password for email"

Then I found log-in pages for email providers for this page and yet you can even see on Bing that people are actually bidding on this word, right?

Not saying you shouldn't negate it, but I'm saying you might want to consider taking a look.

Query: "dominos payroll"

Then if you look at a payroll site, where you're saying, if you're going after the word payroll, there's so many darn different companies out there, how are you going to find them all?

One way to do it is to look for pages that are log-ins of the payroll system might tell you a thing or two about the query.

Example Walkthrough: Misspellings

Many of you might be thinking, well, I know to negate the word "login"...

What about "log in"?

What about "log-in"? What about log-in misspelled?

What about words like "sign in" or "sign-in"?

Example Walkthrough: Sign In

Query: "SendGrid sign in"

So as you can see here, somebody is searching for a brand and sign in which might make sense for the brand, but then you've got other people bidding on it when I'm trying to figure out how to sign in.

And how do you know that? Because you can see pages that are about logging in on the top 10 and this is a Bing result.

So let me go and show you Google's results.

I'm looking for the sign in, but remember if you're going, I know to negate log in, did you know to negate "sign in"? Did you know to negate sign in as one word?

Google doesn't allow us to negate on a match type. So you literally have to find all those different examples in order to make sure you're not spending money on keywords that you wish you weren't. Read more about PPC negatives in this guide.

Query: "HRMS timesheet"

The last thing I'll show you is HRMS timesheet. I would have never thought that this word was about logging in or signing in, but yet the third result, according to Bing is a sign-in page from Oracle.

So my friends, the reason why I wanted to show you this on Wasteful Wednesday is because I wanted highlight the fact that just because you're negating a word doesn't mean you're capturing all the other words that should be negated.

You may want to look for domain clues that can tell you, Oh, that URL or that result is about topic X in this instance, logging in.

When I see that page, I can then look back at all the different search terms that triggered that, that are outside of the words that I negated, N-gram all those search terms and start to find new groupings to negate to save those dollars and get you, yourself, your client, the highest ROI on those paid search clicks as possible.

Have a lovely Wednesday. You guys, take care.

Key Takeaways

  • Combine SEO and PPC data to identify and align your ads to user intent.
  • Leverage our Saving Benjamin™ Lite tool to find more negative keywords in your PPC accounts.
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