Wasteful Wednesday with Wil Reynolds #12 – Keyword of the Week “Jobs” Part II

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What's up y'all, Wil Reynolds here for another Wasteful Wednesday.

This Wednesday, we're going to talk about showing up for "jobs searches". You probably don't want to market yourself when someone's looking for a job and your company.

I've kind of touched on this a little bit before, but I'm going to show it to you in a different angle this time. So let's go.

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Keyword of the Week: "Jobs Part II"

Ex. Nursing Homes

Query: "nursing homes in marietta ga hiring"

There's obvious ones here, like "nursing homes hiring in Marietta, Georgia", right? You probably don't want to show up for this -- you're trying to get me to come and I'm looking for a job.

First one, negate words like "hiring", negate words like "jobs", but it's not always that easy. Let me show you why.

Query: "value stream manager Arkansas"

This is why my friends, you really need to bring that paid and organic data together, because if you can tell, Google believes that this word is about job searches and it doesn't say jobs explicitly.

That's why understanding what snippets are showing up is really important because... I have to go to page two on this one.

But here's somebody bidding on words related to value stream management, and it's like, no, Google already believes that there's a good chance that this person's looking for jobs and you see salary and Simply Hired and jobs.

So take those clues of the domains around you to figure out what exactly to do.

Ex. Propane

Query: "propane companies in fort myers fl"

So another one I'm going to show you here is propane companies in Fort Myers. You're like, dude, I need to show up for this man, like this is not somebody looking for a job, and I would just tell you to watch out.

Google believes that search is highly related to jobs.

Now you see a bunch of normal results here, that aren't job sites. So we're probably okay, but there's an ad here.

So my point is that there's a little nuance, but...

Every time we fail to completely understand the nuance, we're just saying I'm okay with Google getting more of my money.

...and I don't know about you, but they got enough money, man. I don't need to give them anymore.

Hopefully going forward, you will look at the intent mismatches and find those places where you might want to negate a bit, get some of those words out, save yourself that budget and invest it somewhere else.

Alright, that's my Wasteful Wednesday tip for the week.

If you have any hypotheses, please send them over to me, I'll be more than willing to look at them and see if I can find anything at scale within our database of millions of words and share it with everybody else because that's how we all get smarter.

Key Takeaways

  • Use your SEO and PPC data together to identify whether or not your PPC ads are matching to hiring terms.
  • Negate terms like “jobs”“hiring”, etc. — especially when you’re bidding on a competitors brand name — to improve Quality Score and Landing Page Experience. Leverage our Saving Benjamin™ Lite tool to find more negative keywords in your PPC accounts.
  • Keep watching Wasteful Wednesday episodes here!

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