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We’ve discussed how to set up remarketing campaigns. We’ve discussed custom combinations which allow you to target specific audiences through AND/OR/NOT operators.

Many of us know the usual remarketing tactics: targeting users that visit specific pages, users that left items in cart,  users that clicked your ad but didn’t converted, etc. Are you really active with social? What about all those people that ‘like’ your Facebook page, but never cared to visit your website? Maybe you have an email marketing strategy. What about those users who read your newsletter, only to not react to your offer?

Here, we’ll talk about how to reach users outside your typical remarketing audience – Facebook & email.

Tagging Your Audience

Facebook allows you to use any language as a regular webpage (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) so you basically follow the same process as placing remarketing codes elsewhere.

With custom Facebook pages, you can easily paste the code directly in the content of your custom pages such as this one below:

You should see this box when editing your page:

Similarly, if your email newsletters are HTML, you could place the code just like any section of your website you would like to track. However, this will also only work for users who open the HTML version vs. plain text AND if JavaScript can be rendered. Most email providers disallow JavaScript but if you have a specific landing page for your emails, you can tag that as well.

I’ll admit that I have not tested the email tagging yet, but I am currently gathering a Facebook audience. I will be posting up my results as soon as the test is complete!

Custom Combination Ideas

To follow up on the questions posed in the opening paragraph: say someone visited your Facebook page, but never came to your site? Remarket them! Your ad copy can really focus on these specific users. I recently read how mirroring your site design can help improve conversion rates and it seems pretty intuitive since these users are obviously familiar with it. Maybe now you can incorporate all features – Facebook & website design – within your creative.

Now let’s say someone took the time to open your email, but never visited your site? Remarket them! One scenario involves an advertiser that sends a reminder email to potential leads that never completed their offline conversion. Before, you would have never been able to reach this specific audience – you would rely on remarketing users who never finished the online conversion. Now you can really focus on these users to get that lead into your pocket.

Depending on the advertiser and their industry, some of these tactics will not applicable… but hopefully now you’ll start thinking outside the box when it comes to remarketing and how to target on really niche audiences.

Let me know of your thoughts or other ways you've remarketed to people below!





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Francis Shovlin
Francis Shovlin
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