Twitter planned my vacation in under 4 hours

So I finally took a long weekend to head to Chicago. I have heard so much about it that I had to go, tickets were booked about a month ago.

So in a Friday at 3:00 after a Cuban lunch and mojitos with the team

I realized that in about 6 hours I would be touching down at O Hare armed with urbanspoon and yelp iphone apps, a flight ticket, a hotel, and my companion.

Crap, login to my account it's time to send a tweet, I have no idea what I'll be doing!


Within 3 minutes Grey Hoy, who works for the balleriffic happycog design crew recommended MK Restaurant. His exact response was MK RESTAURANT…NUFF SAID.

After seeing Greg get bumped to first class on the worst flight ever worst flight twitter I said you know what…when this guy says NUFF said, given his travels I believe it.

MK booked Saturday night! I then referred it to Lauralane whom I work with and somewhow also decided to go to Chicago on the same weekend!

I made it to MK (barely after an amazing Phillies win!)

phillies twitter

Nice, 1 of my 3 dinners is decided.

Within 20 minutes of my tweet Jeannine Crooks a good pal from the affiliate side of the world recommended Berghoffs in Chicago for good German Beers.

german beer twitter

I didn't make it, sorry, but next time!

Then out of nowhere I got a tweet from this person, obviously a Chicago lover

Her recommendation for Wilde was spot on

Wilde Restaurant twitter

She took her love for a city and just spread a little more love my way, much thanks. She also recommended Tango Sur, an Argentenian BYOB which is right up my alley - meat!!!

Tango Sur Restaurant twitter

Again, kudos! This person's recommendations were so spot on that on my last night I sent an emergency tweet asking what to do next! what next twitter

I also got a tweet from ltrosien who had recommended the Bongo Room for brunch

bongo room twitter

So that's where I wanted to go next…oh darn 45 minute wait for brunch, maybe next time!

Check out this tweet, that is some dedication!

BrentDpayne, Chicago SEO pro, also within about an hour or so recommended a few night spots.

Some of which have attractive ladies, and are open until 5am! Umm I brought my attractive lady but your recommendations did not fall on deaf ears, I almost made it to Boss bar but at least my pal lauralane was able to go to boss, and liked it.

None of these people needed to reach out, but by them doing so they really made my experience in Chicago THAT much more richer and that much less "touristy" I hope.

As such I was able to plan out my weekend trip in less than 4 hours due to 2 people I know (hoyboy & Jeannine_crooks) 2 people I never even heard of (ltrosien and thelocaltourist) and 1 person I had heard of but never met (BrentDPayne).

I might try this on my next trip to Denver, hope I get some more mile high followers.

Thanks to all of you and thanks to the twitter crew for making this possible. I will be back to hit some more of these places on my next trip to Chicago!

It was a blast!

For you SEO folks who are saying..where's the SEO tip here? Well its simple, by helping others you will gain links, remember I just talked about that!

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