How Seer Leverages Kenshoo In Our Tech Stack

3rd Party Campaign Management Tools

At Seer, we are constantly evaluating and evolving our Tech Stack as it relates to how we launch, manage, optimize and report on Paid Media campaigns.  We are proud to be a professional partner of Kenshoo—however, our team of PPC experts has experience across several 3rd party management tools and adopt based on client needs and requirements.

Using Kenshoo, we automate routine tasks to enable our team to spend more time at the top of the value pyramid, developing holistic marketing strategies that maximize results and scale with your business.

Kenshoo helps automate processes and scale results during numerous stages throughout the campaign maturity process, as highlighted above. Utilization of the tool is customized based on client requirements and goals.

Keep reading to learn more about Seer’s personalized approach for leveraging Kenshoo (and other 3rd party platforms) to achieve the highest potential ROI for clients.

Focusing on Features That Add the Most Value

At Seer, we don’t believe in a blanket approach when onboarding clients to new tools. We use a custom, data-driven strategy for campaign management tools by focusing on features that will add the most value depending on the client and account complexity. We are able to hone in on these features by using our proprietary data warehouse and looking at results from Kenshoo optimizations across clients and industries. We also customize how we leverage each and every tool based on other capabilities available within our Tech Stack to ensure we are as efficient and driving the best results possible.

When looking at the performance data from our current client mix on Kenshoo, Seer found that clients and account teams are seeing the highest value when we use the following capabilities:

CRM data/offline conversion integration
  • Cross-engine optimizations to offline conversions
  • More strategic bid management
  • Closed-loop reporting
  • Kenshoo can integrate with CRM systems and pass that data to Google for auction-time bidding (beta)
  • Kenshoo has verified with documentation that no PII can be shared through integration
  • Performance improvements
  • Hours saved through closed loop reporting (versus manual)
Integration with call vendors
  • Cross-engine optimizations to offline conversions
  • More strategic bid management
  • Closed-loop reporting
  • Performance improvements
  • Hours saved through closed loop reporting (versus manual)
Microsoft smart bidding
  • Improved performance
  • Incremental leads with same spend
  • CPA or ROAS progress to goal
Budget management for complex accounts
  • More accurate budget pacing
  • Seamless pacing towards both budgets and KPIs
  • More sophisticated forecasting capabilities
  • Time efficiency
  • Value of accurate forecasts and being able to hit complex budget targets
  • Time savings

Identifying the Right Client Mix & ROI

Once we understood which features are delivering the highest return in terms of performance and/or time efficiency, we then looked across our existing client mix to identify good candidates based on their account structure and business needs.

When we approach existing or prospective clients with a recommendation to onboard Kenshoo, Seer highlights how the tool will enable us to achieve our clients goals (and bottom line!) based on results yielded from improved account management and data capabilities.

If a client has a complex account structure, with numerous budget and goal targets, there are opportunities to use Kenshoo to automate day-to-day tasks by leveraging Budget Navigator and automated actions related to performance and spend, then we forecast time savings based on data from account teams currently on the tool. With the additional time back on the day-to-day tasks, account teams reinvest time on non-automated optimizations and/or additional deliverables focused on client’s business goals, such as a competitive or a quality score analysis.

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Example investment plan within Kenshoo’s Budget Navigator. Budget Navigator allows account managers to leverage Google’s auction-time bidding with advanced spend pacing tools to manage complex accounts with numerous budget targets while meeting or exceeding efficiency targets

For example, we onboarded a client onto Kenshoo to help manage multiple budget targets for different segments of their business, including search, shopping, and international campaigns. By leveraging Budget Navigator on top of the power of Google’s automated bidding, CPA decreased by 39% when compared to the previous period. This efficiency allowed the client to maintain strong conversions and CVR while spend dropped significantly YoY. By automating the day-to-day of budget management, the Seer account team was able to focus their time on 2021 strategic planning.

The Power of Seer’s Data Warehouse

We use case studies from existing clients to project potential CPL efficiencies and incremental leads/sales as a result, which we tie back to ROI from the tool. We are able to analyze the performance impact of leveraging Kenshoo capabilities at scale using our data warehouse, and can narrow our analysis to specific industries or clients with similar goals. For example, one client found that when using Budget Navigator with Google Portfolio ROAS improved by 77% with 40% additional transactions.

Interested in Kenshoo?

After we onboard clients onto Kenshoo, our account teams don’t just set it and forget it. We test Kenshoo functionality on an ongoing basis against other tools in our tech stack to ensure that we are leveraging proven features and optimizations for clients that will deliver the best results. We also continuously measure the performance impact and the return we are getting from the platform. This measurement allows us to highlight ROI from the platform usage fee over time, evaluate that the tool is adding incremental value to clients, and ensures that any forecasts we share with prospective clients are based on up-to-date data.

We are excited to leverage Kenshoo or other campaign management tools for clients where it will add additional value throughout the campaign management lifecycle. If you need help managing, optimizing to goal or measuring the success of your PPC campaigns, contact Seer today.

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