Seer Becomes the First-Ever Kenshoo Professional Agency Partner

Seer is the first agency to achieve Professional Partner Status with Kenshoo

We are excited to announce that Seer Interactive has just become the very first agency to achieve Professional Partner status on multiple platforms by Kenshoo, the leading marketing technology platform for agencies to plan, activate and measure growth strategies across the most engaging digital channels. Seer has been leveraging Kenshoo for 3 years now to achieve optimal success in managing our paid search campaigns.

Specifically, Seer Interactive is now a Professional Partner—certified on both Kenshoo Search and Kenshoo Social—to better address evolving marketer needs and the increasingly competitive landscape across digital advertising’s largest two channels: PPC and Paid Social.

To achieve the certification, we were required to have numerous team members pass the individual Kenshoo Certification exam for the associated Kenshoo product. To be considered a top expert company out of Kenshoo’s impressive roster of global agencies is very flattering and we are proud to be singled out as a leader in this program.

Commitment to data-driven marketing

Becoming the first agency to be certified on Kenshoo’s search marketing and social advertising platforms is more than just great recognition for our expertise, it’s a continuation of our ongoing commitment to invest in our data-driven approach to marketing excellence.

We know that when marketers guess at the right decisions, they can bring bias and risk to their conclusions. That’s why at Seer, “stop guessing” is the driving principle that sets us apart from the rest of the industry. We know that the answers we need are in the data and worth the time it takes to uncover them, even if it takes a little more effort to do so.

Kenshoo’s suite of intelligent marketing tools enables our team to dig deeper and get to insights faster for our clients using its advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. Slicing and dicing the big data sets found in today’s search and social marketing accounts can be daunting. Marketers need the right tools for the job and, for Seer, Kenshoo’s set of features matches our own dedication to how mining data for actionable insights can be transformative for brands.

Check out our blog post here on some of our favorite features like campaign mirroring, KPO portfolios, and Budget Navigator.

Client success stories using Kenshoo

A large enterprise company exceeded KPIs with Kenshoo’s machine-learning optimization


This client has aggressive goals across initiatives to maximize raw leads, qualified leads, and minimize CPA. The problem was that bids were managed manually which drained the team’s time and limited performance.


Our team leveraged Kenshoo’s automated bid-technology, Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer (KPO), to run predictive models and automatically cluster keywords across multiple attributes to maximize campaign results.


Comparing Nov 2018 (prior to Kenshoo) to Jan 2019 performance.

  • 26% increase in conversion rate
  • 43% improvement in cost-per-acquisition

eCommerce client increased revenue and ROAS by implementing KPO strategies


This client needed to make a quick impact on revenue and ROAS on Google Shopping campaigns. The client had consistently seen ROAS at or below a 1, with minimal impact to overall revenue growth.


Our team implemented and tested Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer bidding on Branded Shopping Campaigns across 10+ products that vary in cost.


May 29 - June 6 vs. prior period

  • 1,080% increase in ROAS
  • 303% increase in revenue

And it only gets better from here…

Becoming the first agency certified on both Kenshoo Search and Kenshoo Social is just the first step. At Seer, we don’t rest on our laurels. We continue to challenge our technology partners to push our teams to get even better at these best-in-class platforms and so that we can push the envelope for our clients. We are currently working on testing Google Smart Bidding alongside Kenshoo’s Budget features for even further optimization.

As datasets get bigger and the competition gets smarter, Seer Interactive continues to invest in our team and our tools to ensure that we remain at the top of our game.

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