Rediscovering Stories (and Content): Hook, Line & Sinker Recap #4

At the Search Church this past May, we invited some content marketing experts to share the methods, strategies, and tools they use to connect content to those who need it. Over the past few weeks, we have recapped the speakers’ presentations so you can all learn from their insights and experience! So far, we've recapped what Tracey HalvorsenPeep Laja, and Scott Edwards covered in their presentations at our Hook, Line & Sinker event. 

To wrap up this series, we have our very own Wil Reynolds, SEER's Founder and CEO.

In the search industry, Wil is known for dynamic, actionable presentations and his ability to connect traditional marketing goals with tangible online results. And, he didn’t disappoint on his home turf in the #SearchChurch!

The Rediscovery of Stories

What Did He Talk About?

Wil discusses the importance of telling your company’s story in a way that builds a “clique”.  It is crucial to create content that first gets discovered and then is sought out to be rediscovered. By telling a story that speak to core beliefs and by focusing on creating content that’s helpful, you will be providing your customers with what they want rather than solely what you want them to want. When aiming on what people want will work to build a “clique” and a brand that people trust and want to come back to.

Most Exciting Moment

“What have you planted your flag on?” (16:25)

Wil shares how the first step in building a clique is by marketing about something you care about. By simply “going with the direction of the wind”(16:11) does not allow you to speak to your audience and tell a story. You need to “plant your flag” on something that you are not going to take anymore. Once you have that powerful stance, speak to that. Tell a story. Have people join your stance.

Most Actionable Item

“Are you found at the first step of the journey?” (28:58)

Wil expresses how crucial it is to build content that will allow your story to be found. By looking into what people actually want will help people discover and rediscover your content. Focus your content and marketing strategy on building cliques. “You will get the clicks you want if you build those kind of cliques” (29:56)

Takeaways from the Crowd Wil_1

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That wraps up our Hook, Line & Sinker coverage! It was an awesome event-- and it's safe to say everyone learned a lot! Like what you've seen? Keep an eye out for our next SEER event-- we'd love to have you at the #searchchurch!

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