Part One: AdWords Paid & Organic Report Results

SEER recently implemented the new AdWords paid and organic report for six of our clients.  The paid and organic report links Google Webmaster tool data with AdWords data to show how PPC and SEO interact on a click through basis.  PPC Hero wrote a great post on how to set up the paid and organic report.

Here's what we found with two weeks (8.27-9.9) of data, across all keywords for a half dozen clients in various industries.


  • For five out of six clients, PPC ad CTR increased once an SEO listing was added to the SERPs.
    • On average, PPC CTR rose from 5.66% to 18.06% (a 219% increase).
  • For every client, organic CTR increased once a PPC ad was added to the SERPs.
    • On average, organic CTR rose from 6.15% to 38.26% (a 522% increase).
  • For every client, total CTR rose when both a PPC ad and an organic listing were both on the SERPs.
    • PPC CTR alone was 5.66% and SEO CTR alone was 6.15%.
    • When an ad and an organic list are combined on the SERPs, CTR rose to 56.32%.  This is almost a ten-fold increase in CTR.

Preliminary data from the paid and organic reports strongly indicates that SEO and PPC support one another and having both on the SERPs creates synergy.  This begets even closer integration of PPC and SEO efforts.  We will be following up with another post with more thoughts on how we can use this data.


If you've linked up your Google Webmaster Tools and Google AdWords accounts, have you seen similar data?



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