New Optimize & AdWords Integration Boosts Landing Page Testing

With the advent of free, effective, and user-friendly testing tools such as Google Optimize it’s getting progressively easier to run quick and impactful A/B tests in order to serve up relevant experiences to users and streamline the path to conversion.

In fact, Google recently updated the Optimize & AdWords integration to allow for more powerful testing. Leveraging a tool like Optimize with AdWords provides many opportunities for your team to test landing pages to improve your paid search performance. Let’s dig into the new features of the Optimize and AdWords integration.

Why the Optimize & AdWords Integration is so Valuable

Extended Campaign & Ad Group Targeting

You’re no longer limited to a specific campaign or ad group.

For example, you can test the same landing page for users that search for “philadelphia advertising agency” in your “digital advertising” ad group and for users that search for “seer analytics” in your “analytics agency” ad group.

Before your test would have been limited to targeting users who searched for EITHER “philadelphia advertising agency” OR “seer analytics”, not both. This new addition lets you gain significantly more learnings from a single experiment, that can then be used to optimize the user experience for two user groups instead of just one.

Being able to test across campaigns and ad groups allows you to really hone in on what landing experience works best for the user’s specific search and serve up more relevant experiences accordingly.

Linking Optimize with Multiple AdWords Accounts

If you have multiple AdWords accounts under a manager account, individually linking those accounts was previously time consuming.

With the new Optimize & AdWords update, you can link your manager account directly to Optimize which allows you to pull all your AdWords accounts into Optimize and connect data across all your campaigns (in order to use this feature you’ll have to be using the new AdWords experience).

To link your Google Optimize and Google AdWords accounts, here are a quick set of instructions.

Want to read more on the new integration between Optimize & AdWords? Check out Google’s official announcement post here.

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* There are two versions of Google Optimize. Optimize is a free product that allows you to get started with experimentation. Optimize 360 is a premium testing and personalization tool that is part of the benefits of Google Analytics 360 vs Google Analytics from the Seer Analytics team. SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER

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