My Baby Grows Up – A Senior-Level SEO Job is Available

Over the time of hiring tons of search professionals, we've been blessed with crazy growth, but growth that allowed us to grow with our existing team, adding new people to the mix as we've grown and then watching them graduate to the senior SEO roles. Today is the first time in my 6 years of hiring search professionals that I need to reach outside of SEER for a senior level SEO (we are still looking for 1-2 year SEO folks as well, and SEO rookies who have something to prove). This creates a rare opportunity, since everyone has kind of "worked their way up" and no one has left to go do SEO elsewhere its just extremely rare that SEER has an opportunity for someone with 4-5 years experience to join our team, but we do now.

What I think SEER has to offer… 1 - We are a company that cares, see where we volunteer. If that sounds hokey to you, that cool but you won't be the right fit. I try very hard to apply a simple golden rule style to running this business. We trust our team, so we give them extreme amounts of freedom, they don't take advantage of that fact and everything works out.

2 - If you are a TRUE SEO geek, this place is a bit like heaven. You'll be surrounded by 12 talented SEO people and 8 talented SEM people - all under one roof! Anyone can say their team is talented, but if you've wanted to cut your teeth and just see how good you REALLY are, you'll get a chance, as this year we've broken top 10's for some SERIOUSLY competitive stuff. You will get to, on a daily basis, get to see just how good you are. Can you imagine that the next time you have an SEO issue you can look left and right and grab 12 very talented team members to help you work out an architecture issue or a ink building idea?

3 - An amazing benefits package - everything is covered after you go 1500 bux out of pocket. We cover that first 1500 bux so you pay nothing, not even co pays or prescriptions for the first 1500 of expenses. As long as we keep growing and doing well, we'll never cut corners on your healthcare.

4 - GREAT clients - just like we fire crappy employees, we're just as quick to fire bad clients. I believe that putting great people with jerk clients wears them out. At one time I fired our largest client for how they spoke to me and my team. My beliefs are simple, if I keep doing what's right and finding the best team out there who LOVE SEO we won't need to wonder where the next project is coming from. If you've ever approached a manager to let them know a client was being out of line with you or your team and the bossman said, you have to tough it out, let me tell you that will NEVER happen here. Now you gotta have thick skin, but no one (internal or external) will be allowed to treat anyone poorly on my watch.

5 - Intensity - Our team likes to win, a LOT. Not in a "trip an old lady down a flight of stairs to win" way. Google is our scoreboard and our clients see it and we see it, that’s why we need to be GREAT, lets the scoreboard speak for itself.

6 - Stability - thinking of relocating, we're game for that, this company is and always will be about assembling the best team under one roof (sorry telecommuters). You won't be worried about coming to some startup just to have it all fall apart 6 months later. We've been one of the fastest growing companies in Philly for 3 years straight, we just hired someone to manage our incoming leads b/c they were too much for us to handle on our own. If we keep our reputation strong, our results stronger, and our relationships the strongest, we can't help but win.

7 - Bonus program - our bonus program is open, we share our numbers with everyone in the company quarterly - you'll see how much is going into the bonus pool and you'll know what your eligible to receive once you become eligible - everyone who dedicates their skills and time to SEER shares in our financial success.

8 - Time - Yes time, time to be GREAT at SEO. Look at all the changes coming down the pike in the last month - how can any one of us keep up, thats the power of a sizable team where everyone is responsible for education everyone else, everyone teaches and learns from one another. Look at what the last month has brought us: Google Instant Google Previews moving to Q&A (Page currently not available) closing Google Places Bing / Facebook Integration Google Enters the Fashion Biz Google Hotpot New tools being launched in new ways, like Ontolo's Link Tool or Scrapebox

That is where we are today, so let me tell you a bit about the person we are looking for: • 4-5 years experience in SEO (ideally in an agency setting) • Broad range of all SEO skills (keyword research, technical audits, link building, etc) • VERY organized and great at managing deadlines • Writes to blogs on industry topics, speaks at local/national conferences • Comfortable playing execution roles as well as driving strategy, no one here just manages people here • Strong in Google Analytics / Omniture • Is fully aware of industry trends and writes opinions about them • Manage client relationships • Act as a sounding board / mentor for our team • Help develop internal processes to maximize efficiency • Ability to measure the effectiveness of your strategy (rankings, traffic, conversions) on client goals • Advanced understanding of Excel / Pivot Tables • Solid understanding of technical SEO (JavaScript, CSS, iframes) etc • Experience in Local/Video/Feed optimization a major plus • International SEO experience also a plus

Please email resume & salary requirements to wilr at - we look forward to adding our next superstar, and hope if you've read this far down that you are it! Thanks!

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Wil Reynolds
Wil Reynolds
CEO & Vice President