SEER is Looking for the SEO Rookie of the Year, you Game?

Hi There, SEER Interactive is looking for an SEO ROOKIE to join our team of all stars.

We are fully aware that our most successful SEO team members often came from backgrounds having very little to do with the Internet or search engines. As such we are putting out a call for people who want to break into SEO, feel they would be strong at SEO, but just don't have the 1-2 years experience or more required to get your foot in the door at most SEO companies.

I'm Wil and I have been doing SEO for 11 years, yes SEO every day for 11 years, and I LOVE IT!!!

When I started in SEO it was all about persistence, it was a NO QUIT attitude, it was knowing the answers were out there, watching youtube videos, reading on forums, going through delicious and blogs like seomoz and search engine watch to find answers to the unknowns. Sometimes I just had to search and join networks to find those answers, and I did.

Someone had to give me a shot with NO experience (here's the guys who did) so I'm going to give it a shot myself.

SEO is all about persistence, or as I say “tenacity over tenure” as such its time for me to put my money where my mouth is and offer a potential job to a newbie, if you are game, please send your resume. While we are looking for newbies, we are still looking to interview people who are very web savvy, have a passion for the web, love marketing, competition, and numbers.

So newbie, let us tell you why SEER just might be the right place for you: 1 – We're stable!! This is no fly by night business, we've been around for 6 years, and are growing this year! 2 – We were in the top 5 fastest growing companies in the Philadelphia area (Article no longer live) last year 3 – The people here are SMART, you'll learn a ton, and we want to help you learn it all if you are willing to work your tail off and seek out greatness for yourself and for our clients. 4 – Our mantra is be good, be good to your community, be good to each other and be GREAT to your clients. Here's JoAnne - taking tape down from painting:

5 – We require you to spend time volunteering monthly, we want to work with great people but not people who are so selfish that they never think about helping others. You can take off any time (including during work hours) to volunteer your time with an organization who needs you help. 6 – We're open, so open that we have open meetings every month where we share the company performance, there's only one door in the whole place, we share info down to profits, with all employees, companies ask people to be entrepreneurial, but then don't give them the whole picture, that's whack, we aren't whack. 7 – We are raise and bonus happy, as long as the company is doing well and you are showing a daily desire to be better than you were yesterday, you will do well here. 8 – We stick up for you. Ever had a boss who made you work with a client who treated you like crap? What did that tell you? It probably told you the boss cared more about the $$ than about you. If you are indeed GREAT, we go to the mat for you. While we're not proud of having to let clients go, if they treat anyone here as anything less than a professional, we will not tolerate that and if you are GREAT, they are going to have to go, you will stay. 9 – We're anal about how we manage projects, our clients pay us well and as such they deserve a team who will call them multiple times a week, stay late, come in early, and communicate with them every step of the way. YOU MUST HAVE STRONG ATTENTION TO DETAIL and be resourceful, you must know what to do when no one gives you tasks 10 – We have fun, we have season tix to the Phillies (Phillies photo), yes this shot is from our seats, and yes we have tix for the playoffs :)

have done 2 trips to six flags & take off for team volunteer days.

Notice in the picture below, Laura, Crystal and Andrew are having a blast, I am petrified:

11 – We TRUST you, we have no sick days, and to be honest our vacation days are even a bit flexible (I don't keep track and people don't abuse that fact), we gave everyone gift cards this year to go take flights on southwest, yes we work hard and people need to recharge, so we bought a gift card for everyone here, many people can do round trip flights with the gift cards we gave to see old friends, family, or take a vacation on our dime! 12 – We HATE losing, we are in a numbers business, and when the numbers aren't good people here don't sleep well, it BOTHERS them to no end, and they'll do everything they can to fix it. 13 - We have LOOOOOOW turnover, we expect greatness and not everyone is cut out for the pace we run at here, but we have had 2 people choose to leave in 4 years, one left to become a programmer and another wanted to get her masters in non-profit, if I have to lose someone that's a great reason, best of luck Leslie! Hopefully above all else that says something about who SEER is.

So if you are interested, please send in your resume, if you are a total newbie, we're taking a risk on you, so don't expect to come here and break the bank in for first 6 months, but also believe it, people have gotten multiple raises here within their first 6 months if they are amazing, so if you believe in yourself go for it, trust us.

Not a newbie? Ok, well you got 1-2 years experience, don't turn away, we're game to chatting as well.

For those whom an interview makes sense, expect to receive a website on your interview day to improve from an SEO perspective, yeah we're a throw you in the fire kinda business.

We love helping marketers like you.

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Wil Reynolds
Wil Reynolds
CEO & Vice President