Living up to your brand – do you?

After years of hearing about how great Rackspace is as a hosting provider, we finally bucked up and paid the big guns the big dollars for their “Fanatical Support”.

I mean, let's be honest, how many brands accurately reflect who they SAY they are?

So in the early phases, they truly were fanatical & we liked working with them, then BOOM a major outage. After this recent outage at Rackspace, I saw a link to this page that explained a the incident that caused outages. It is still linked from their homepage and outlined what was happening, what they were doing to fix it, and what steps they were putting in place to keep it from happening again. That prompted this blog post…

These guys put “fanatical support” on everything with their name, and you know what? They lived up to it. While no service business can ever say that they will never have a problem, it is how they REACT to those problems that separates one company that says…”hey we're great” from their competitor who also says ….guess what… “we're great too.”

I only hope that this transparency leads to MORE customers for rackspace, not less. Because at least they don't hide their wounds, they not doing some spin, they took the mistakes on the chin and are looking to improve. Problems and friction between customer and client are where the rubber meets the road. I come across this every day in our industry. Picking an SEO company is difficult, why? Because we all sound the same, well not all...but most. It is a hard business to differentiate yourself with bullet points and powerpoint slides.

It got me thinking further…about the Jetblue fiasco and how David Needleman reacted sure, there may have been a PR person whispering in his ear a bit, but the company is one of openness in its culture so this response doesn't surprise me.

So what does all this have to do with SEER? At the end of the day, I want SEER to always be a company that:

  • treats each other, our clients, vendors, partners, and friends well
  • values and recognizes the contributions everyone makes to our clients successes
  • is “fanatical” about ensuring that the budgets invested in us make solid returns for our clients
  • does everything we can to help our clients achieve their goals
  • has an impact on our community
  • attracts great talented people who want to kick ass and make a difference

To steal a line from Rackspace:

Fanatical Support can't be captured with bullet points or summed up with a simple graphic. For every customer, it's an experience that impacts their work and lives in very different and powerful ways. So we'll let them speak for themselves and for Fanatical Support.

For those of you who are selecting SEO companies, stop looking for the bullet points!! We SEO types all have access to the same information, we all read the same blogs, yet what makes ones better than the other?? I'll be discussing that topic in my next post, stay tuned.

BTW - check out how yahoo has responded to an outage on Cyber Monday for its Yahoo! stores, leaving many merchants unable to transact on the busiest day of the online shopping year. how does it compare to Rackspace? As of today 24 hours later, they are not responding on their own blog...does that sound fanatical to you?

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Wil Reynolds
Wil Reynolds
CEO & Vice President