LinkedIn Conversation Ads Help To Engage Your Audience In A More Personal Way

What Are Conversation Ads?

LinkedIn recently launched Conversation Ads as a public beta, a messaged-based ad format that allows users to choose their own path and interact with ads in a more authentic way.

Conversation ads build onto existing Message Ads, featuring multiple, customized calls-to-action in real time, meaning the user must be active on LinkedIn and is likely ready to engage with these ads. The calls-to-action and pre-populated message responses are curated by the advertiser through a message decision tree you create.

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Credit: LinkedIn

Benefits of Utilizing Conversation Ads

Keep Users More Engaged

Conversation ads allow you to create a number of call-to-action buttons so users can access the type of content and offers they would like to see. Allowing users the ability to choose the content they want to consume will likely result in increased engagement.

Drives Higher Quality Leads

With conversation ads, you’re able to ask users qualifying questions to capture leads easily. By allowing users to interact with your ad through automated responses and CTAs that feel personal, you’ve turned your ads from one-sided messages into two-sided conversations, ultimately improving overall engagement and the quality of leads coming through.

Pair these with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to help turn your conversations into conversions.

Further Understand Your Audience’s Intent

Conversation ads provide you detailed click reporting that allows you to see how many people clicked on your content, each offer, and how engaged they are in the conversation. These insights will help you better understand the intent of your audience.

How To Get Started

Assets Needed

  • CTA Buttons - 25 characters
  • Message Text - 500 characters
  • Max CTA Buttons Per Message - 5 buttons
  • Banner Image (Desktop Only) - 300x250px (jpg or png)

Choose A Campaign Objective

  • Website Visits (Consideration): at least 2 CTAs driving to a webpage
  • Lead Generation (Conversion): at least 2 CTAs with a Lead Gen Form

Request Sender Approval

You must request sender approval from a first-degree connection. Once completed, the sender will appear in Campaign Manager where you can choose them as a sender option.

For more information on how to get started with conversation ads, in addition to some tips and best practices, visit LinkedIn’s Conversation Ads Resources.

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