LinkedIn Announces Remarketing for Video & Lead Gen Ads

LinkedIn has officially announced adding engagement remarketing on its platform… get excited! We all know it, LinkedIn is an expensive marketing platform due to the hyper-focused B2B targeting ability. Building on-site audiences takes time, which is why engagement remarketing has been highly anticipated. Couple that with the fact that many users prefer to not leave the social platforms themselves, this update is a game-changer.

These options allow you, as the marketer, to continue the conversation with your target audience past the point of the original connection. Not sure how exactly this will look? Lets put it into terms of something familiar to tons of folks in 2020 - dating apps!

  • Let's say you've connected with someone on a dating app, but haven't yet reached out to the person to chat (aka, opening a form but not submitting)
  • You then are re-engaged with a follow-up message from your match for not yet reaching out (aka, the remarketed ad)
  • You ultimately secure an in-person date (aka, the conversion happens)

Lead Gen for Remarketing:

Audiences can be created on LinkedIn members that opened or submitted a lead form. The two options are

  • Anyone who opened your lead gen form (includes submit)
  • Only people who submitted your lead gen form

The window for engagement can be 30 - 365 days and audiences also need to have a minimum size requirement of 300 to be used in campaigns.

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Photo Credit: Search Engine Journal

Video Retargeting:

Audiences can also be created on video views, including how much of the video was watched by your targeted audience.

  • These audiences will work for awareness, engagement and conversion objectives.
  • You can create audiences based on how much of the video has been watched:
    • 25%, 50%, 75%, 97%, 100%
  • The window for engagement can be 30 - 365 days
  • You will also have the ability to select what video ad campaign you want the audience created off of to tailor your messaging a bit more
  • If opted into LinkedIn’s Audience Network, this would also capture users who viewed the video on that platform

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Photo Credit: Search Engine Journal

Interested in leveraging this new feature for your LinkedIn campaigns but still have questions? Hit is up! We’re always here to chat all things Paid Social.

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