Is Pinterest Part of Your Holiday Strategy?

Time is Ticking for Q4 

Before my time at Seer, I spent most of my career on client’s side with e-commerce brands (check out my LinkedIn for proof). Holiday shopping used to kick off at the beginning of Cyber 5 (a.k.a. Black Friday) but it started getting earlier and earlier every year.

Because the holiday shopping period of Q4 started earlier, we needed to start planning earlier.  Q4 had the biggest chunk of our budget and provided the biggest chunk of our revenue. Our Q4 digital marketing plans have been wrapped up in a cute bow by the end of July.  You bet your red-nose-reindeer that Pinterest was a huge conversion driver for us and it makes sense. 

[Tip] Create awareness ads 1-2 weeks before your Cyber 5 sale to build excitement and then launch a retargeting conversion campaign when deals are live [Tip]

It’s Beginning To Look a Lot like Christmas…in June

If you thought digital marketers holiday planned early (you’re right) but you should see Pinners. They already start holiday searches in June! This can include meals, decor ideas, and ways to make this holiday incredibly memorable. Users are in their inspiration phase and are more susceptible to new ideas.

By the time September rolls in, Pinners are in the decision and buying phase. This is the best time to influence outfits, final decor, and holiday shopping lists.

Why Should We Advertise on Pinterest on Q4?

Pinterest is a great platform for an engaged audience. An engaged user stays on the platform longer and Pinners spend more time on Pinterest ,compared to users on other platforms.

Do you remember how I said that users are more open to new ideas? This is a great opportunity for brands because 89% of Pinners use the platform for winter holidays, more than 35 million users engage with holiday content, and 75% discover new brands and products in Q4.

Pinterest Users Are Amazing Shoppers 

Due to the current economic state, people are more concerned about how they spend their money. ⅔ consumers have or will make changes to the brands and products they purchase as prices continue to increase. This doesn’t seem to apply to Pinterest users. In a recent webinar, Pinterest highlighted that the top 5 factors that impact product purchase is:




4)Used by Multiple People

Price is down at #6. Value of the product is more important than the price.  Shoppers on Pinterest have 85% larger baskets at checkout and spend 2X more every month compared to users on other platforms. Pinners also spend more money on gifts across different categories.

Gen Z is the Fastest Growing Audience on Pinterest

According to USA Today, the oldest members of Gen Z are in their mid-twenties and are active members of the workforce and brands are doing what they can to attract these customers and gain their loyalty.
According to Comscore, 44% of Gen Z users are on Pinterest and are the fastest-growing audience on the platform.

Gen Z holiday shoppers on Pinterest rank the platform as the #1 social media platform for help them plan for Q4 Holidays

Pinterest is the Gift that Keeps on Giving 

If you’re an e-commerce company or brand, Pinterest should be part of your holiday strategy. You’ll get an engaged audience open to new products and inspiration that spend more than users on other platforms. 

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Nicole Velasco
Nicole Velasco
Sr. Associate, Paid Social