How to Find Anyone’s Email Using Allmytweets

Have you ever wanted to find someone's email, but find that they don't list it on their website? If they're an editor/contributor/author at a publication, but the website doesn't list their email address, what can you do?

You could install Rapportive, use Rob Ousbey's tool, go searching through Google, or even try guessing... But why not just take it directly from the person you're trying to reach?

All you need is their Twitter handle.

Step 1)

Find prospect's Twitter handle.

Step 2)

Search their handle in


Step 3)

Ctrl + F : "email"

Step 4)

Search until you've found them give it out to someone else on Twitter.


I've been using this a ton lately and haven't gotten one bad email address. Let me know if you try this and how it works out! And if this method doesn't work, check out this guide by Propeller CRM on other ways to find email addresses.


Many of us will put our emails on our websites as "name (at) domain (dot) com" to avoid a rush of spam email to our accounts- I know I do! Unfortunately, Buzzstream and other tools don't pick up on these when prospecting and performing outreach (that's the point). If you can't find someone's email on site, try doing a site operator. You can find out if your prospect has been sneaky and wrote their email in this way somewhere on the site.

Example: " dot com"

Ding ding ding! Email address!

If you found this useful, let me know on Twitter! @mmstll


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