How to Change Roles within a Company

So, you’re thinking about switching teams? I’ve been there! I’ve been at Seer for almost 5 years now, and at the beginning of 2021, I decided I would switch from the SEO team over to the Analytics team. It took a lot of research, patience, and encouragement from my both the SEO and Analytics teams, but I made the jump nonetheless. 

In this post, learn how to determine if transitioning to a new team is for you, and how to take the steps to make the jump.

Ask Yourself, Why Do You Want to Switch Teams?

If you're considering changing roles, there needs to be a reason or purpose.

Whether you're looking for more fulfilling work or want to learn a new skill set, be sure you know why you want to make a change to ensure success.

If I was going to be doing the same work, why even change? Thankfully the Analytics and SEO teams at Seer do fundamentally different work. If the SEO team are the painters of Seer, the Analytics team is the canvas.

What I found most interesting about Analytics, is the deep dives into data and the ability to answer questions you might not even consider. Seer Analytics helped me answer questions like How much of an impact does personalization actually have, or do Television Ads boost conversions in a meaningful way?

Seeing the really awesome work our Analytics team was doing, I started to put out feelers:

  • I shadowed presentations
  • I helped out on smaller projects
  • I started to speak to the analytics team members to get their POV

Before Making The Jump, Try The Work

First and foremost, before you make the move be sure you’ll like the work you’ll be doing. Thankfully, I had the chance to tackle a few smaller analytics projects before I made the full transition. Talk to your boss, ask for opportunities to try out that work. Nothing would be worse than switching and then realizing it was a bad idea because you don’t like what you’re doing. 

How to Ask Your Boss to Switch Teams

Thankfully, Seer encourages alternative career growth plans, we have hybrid roles, custom roles, and more! In my experience, I brought up the topic of transitioning teams with my SEO supervisor and received great feedback and guidance.

She was completely supportive and allowed me to reach out to additional team members, ask questions, and put together a timeline for a potential transition. We spoke with every account manager I had, and let them know that I would be potentially moving teams. 

With all of my teams informed, we set a rough timeline of 3 months of transitions. We began slowly reducing my work on SEO projects and layering in the new analytics work I'd be tackling. 

Getting Adjusted & Learning Again

Once I fully transitioned to the Analytics team, I was surprised by just how much there was to learn again. When you change divisions, be prepared to become a student again, it won't just be the work that changes but the way in which you think about how to accomplish your projects. Working within the confines of a new team will open new ways of thinking, and new ways to tackle projects. It's truly an exciting endeavor to work towards. 

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Evan Cohen
Evan Cohen
Manager, Analytics