How Seer Approaches Staffing Your SEO Team

Agencies can be unforthcoming when it comes to their approach to staffing your team. It can be daunting for you as you’re ready to sign a contract but still have no clue who you’ll be working with. At Seer we take a different approach to staffing your SEO team and lead with transparency from the start. I’ll share everything you need to know next along with frequently asked questions we receive on staffing.

Investments Seer makes in our team

Seer takes a robust and diverse approach to hiring so we’re fully confident in our team’s abilities and the experiences they bring with them when they join on day 1. Our team chooses to stay longer and 94% recommend working at Seer.  Our clients see the value too, awarding us a 73 client NPS score. 

We’re proud of our team and their accomplishments, and we continue investing in them in various ways throughout the year including minimum PTO requirements, investments in training and dedicated time for community impact work. This way, when our team comes in to work with your team each day, we know they are fulfilled and recharged, ready to give the best versions of themselves. .

How we staff your team

Seer takes a unique and hands on approach to staffing and resourcing. We aim to connect you with a team of people who are experienced in your industry and want to work as an extension of your team. Industry knowledge isn’t the only factor though. We identify the core elements that will make the project successful, and consider who the best individuals on the team will be to achieve those outputs. Our SEO Leadership maintains close relationships with our Business Strategy Partners, who may be one of your first contacts within Seer. With the help of our Business Strategy team, we seek to understand your business and how you operate it, your top priorities, and how your team currently functions. 

[TIP] We aim to select a team who will closely align to your industry, project needs, and team structure, so that your SEO team can serve as a true extension of your team.

Seer has invested in new staffing & resourcing technologies to allow us to track in real time our team’s capacity, as well as their prior experiences, skill-sets and goals. We also have dedicated personnel responsible for staffing projects successfully. These investments combined with our relationships with the team allow SEO Leadership to hand select the best team for your needs.
Within this technology, Seer includes not only capacity and workload data, but also what we refer to as Team Member Staffing Attributes. Reviewed bi-annually, our Leadership works with each individual on the team to understand their professional strengths, experiences and goals. These attributes span across industry, technical and strategic experiences. We are then able to pair the ideal team members to the client's needs. 

For example, if a large ecommerce client seeks to partner with Seer for their upcoming merger with another website, we will look to staff a team with more technical expertise and experience with complex website mergers. The technology Seer has invested in allows us to determine more quickly who would be a fit for each project, and how much time they have in the future for this project work. 

All of this is going on behind the scenes as you’re working with your Business Strategy Partner, and the knowledge is transferred directly to your selected team to avoid disruptions and allow us to get started on driving results for you more quickly.

Ahead of your project kickoff, your Business Strategy Partner may set up a meet and greet with your team ahead of time so you can get to know your team before day 1 of our partnership. Note that this is dependent on team availability and progress towards completing partnership paperwork.

As an SEO Leadership, we are fully committed to pairing you with a team that we feel confident in reaching your goals. We have seen firsthand the impact of misalignment in account teams and it’s damaging for both our team members and the Client’s faith in Seer. As such, we’re dedicated to getting the decision right from Day 1. If you still have questions, we have selected some of the top FAQs we receive from clients on our approach to staffing below. 

Staffing Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • How do I know I’m getting the best team to work with my company?

      • Seer continues investing in our team, so each day our team is ready to give the best versions of themselves back to you. Seer’s staffing technology and staffing attributes allows us to staff in real time the team that best meets your needs. 

      • We align a team based on industry, project needs and your team structure so that your SEO team can serve as a true extension of your team.

      • There is no such thing as “the A team” at Seer. Your account team is specifically selected based on what will enable us to reach your goals as efficiently as possible.

  • How do you mitigate team transitions?

      • Transitions aren’t always preventable, but we have a robust approach to knowledge management that allows us to maintain critical account information. That way when a transition is required, we can reduce the risk of knowledge loss and impacts to the project. 

  • What sort of certifications does the team have?

      • All members of the SEO team at Seer are certified each year in Google Ads and Google Analytics. Several members of the SEO team are also certified or highly skilled in other SEO specific tools including Looker Studio (f. Google Data Studio), PowerBI, Moz, Semrush and Ahrefs.

  • How do we delineate tasks between different roles on account teams?

      • A standard SEO Account Team will include an SEO Account Manager and an SEO Support Associate, with an SEO Team Lead overseeing. 

      • Your SEO Account Manager acts as your main point of contact in the day to day, and is responsible for maintaining your project plan as well as project strategy, with support from the SEO Support Associate. 

      • Your SEO Team Lead is your point of escalation for strategic and partnership discussions. You can expect regular partnership check-ins with your SEO Team Lead.

  • How many accounts does one person work on?

      • Our staffing & resourcing technology allows us to track in real time our team’s capacity based on the project work they are already assigned as well as forecasted assignments. 

      • Seer has billability targets that we maintain as a company, so no one person is ever stretched too thin. At times, we may have team members more dedicated to one project than others, depending on the project needs. 

      • Sometimes it might also be beneficial to have two Account Managers on one project, or other times it may be beneficial to have one person staffed with more hours. It all comes down to the project needs and ideal structure. 

Are you ready to partner with Seer?

Seer takes a hands on approach to staffing & resourcing, and as an SEO Leadership, we are fully committed to pairing you with a team that we feel confident in reaching your goals. If you still have questions, reach out to your Business Strategy Partner or fill out our contact form today to get started. 


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Alex Landro
Alex Landro
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