Google Real-Time Search

Among the many exciting exciting announcements Google in the past 24 hours (Google Goggles, favorite places, Chrome for Mac, extensions for Chrome), the one that has people all a-twitter is Google Real Time Search. And now we can all see it live.

To see Google Real Time Search results, go to and select one of the Hot Topics. The image below is for the search "winter storm."

Winter Storm

The second result on the page incorporates blog posts, news bulletins, and Twitter updates. All are shown based on relevancy to the search term. Interestingly, it looks like the full URL is displayed in the search results for Twitter posts, rather than the shortened URL. The real time results can be paused.

The link at the top of the live search results points to this page. From here, you can swap out the search term to see what the real time search results would be for nearly any term. Try seo:


One question we've already heard today is, "How can I make sure I show up in these search results?" So far, it seems to be a combination of relevancy and authority. There's still so much to learn about these new developments. For the time being, if you put up a blog post or tweet about a topic, why not make sure you include good keywords?

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