Facebook Removes Mobile Web and In-Stream Placements from Audience Network

If you’re involved in the ever-changing world of Facebook, then you are no stranger to Facebook’s Audience Network platform. If you’re not involved in paid media, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you’ve used Facebook and have been targeted with these ads.

 There are a bunch of ad placements available within Facebook Ads Manager so your campaigns will still be able to run if multiple placements are selected.

What is Facebook Audience Network?

For anyone who needs a refresher, Audience Network is a quite literally a display ad network that gives companies the opportunity to advertise their ad content, originally uploaded to Facebook, beyond the platform. These other territories include mobile arms like web and in-stream placements, such as videos.

What motivated Facebook to discontinue the mobile arm?

While no official statement was realized, with the shift in data collection like the CCPA implementation and Google parting ways with third-party cookies, bittersweet shifts, like the end of Facebook’s mobile arm, were destined to be affected as tracking becomes harder to, ya’ know, track.

Who does this impact?

Effective April 11, 2020, all advertisers who were currently purchasing placements on the Audience Network will no longer be able to place requests for web or in-stream placements.

What to do if you’re on the buying side

  1. Perform a placement test to measure whether or not eliminating this placement from your account caused the account CPA to rise across remaining placements
  2. Prepare all of your linked accounts to end on April 10.

Facebook may be ending the web arm for Mobile, but they’re not ghosting you! While they will stop responding to ad requests for in-stream and web placements effective April 11th, if you or your client partners have any concerns, you can always reach out to Facebook directly.

We know, this is sort of sudden, and you probably still have some unaddressed concerns, like -

  1. What about my hard-earned data?
    1. You have 6 months post-April 11 to access your data, and reports will last indefinitely as long as you keep your Facebook Ads active (this applies to Monetization Manager, too).
  2. And my $$$?
    1. Don’t stress - they’ve mapped this one out, too. Expect business as usual, with payments continuing on the 22nd of each month


For more information on how Facebook’s Audience Network is implementing changes to web and in-stream placements, as well as what that means to businesses who are currently active on the platform, read Facebook’s official announcement here.

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