Speaker Series: Win Back Your Time Through Automation


Tracy McDonald
Data Strategy Manager @ Seer

Chad Gringrich Headshot Photo

Chad Gingrich
SEO Sr. Account Manager @ Seer

Phillip Moorman
Growth Marketer @ Sourcify


This event was for medium sized businesses looking to automate tasks and learn analytic tactics. Our panel discussed how to adopt an automation mindset that will save you time on repetitive and boring tasks to maximize your daily productivity. Along with, analytic techniques to inform your marketing strategy.

What We Covered

How basic web scraping techniques can be used to gather data at scale
Hacks & tools (both free and paid) that you can implement into your workflow to automate processes
How to link a Google Data Studio dashboard to your data sources and use the dashboard to analyze your search presence

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Erin Simmons
Erin Simmons
Associate Director, Marketing