Demystifying AI and Machine Learning for Marketers

On-Demand Webinar


You know that Analytics is an important part of modern marketing, but how do you put your data into action? In this webinar, we’ll cut through the hype and explore actionable ways to take advantage of AI and machine learning.

Key Takeaways

✔️ ML is Accessible if You Can Prioritize

There are many proven ML techniques widely available to marketers without a significant investment in technology.

🔎 Outcomes/Goals First vs. Technique First

Rather than saying ‘I want to invest in AI’, focus on where exactly you want to move the needle for your business.

💡 Lean In Where You Can

Start identifying where there are easy wins available at your fingertips and identifying those opportunities for automation.


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Mike Sarnoski
Mike Sarnoski
Sr. Lead, Strategy & Analytics