Using CustomGPTs for Content Outline & Snippet Review

Reviewing outlines and content pieces can take time, especially if you are a slow reader like me. So let’s get you some of your time back by off-loading this work. We’ve built a proof of concept CustomGPT to review outlines/notes/snippets of content, etc. so you can have more time to work on more strategic initiatives. This CustomGPT is built to give your content a first pass and let you know if it aligns with your business and brand guidelines. In seconds, instead of many minutes, you will be able to act on the next steps. 





As stated in the video, this process isn't foolproof, and this first iteration is only meant to act as your first pass. Further review and revisions may be necessary.

Tip: Check out the Content Review CustomGPT in action.


Want to build a content reviewer for yourself? Here are our CustomGPT Inputs

Instructions: Your Objective

Outline what you want this GPT to do. Include what it should focus on and what it shouldn't.

  • Ensure vocabulary matches the Knowledge files you upload - we’ll include examples of what files to include in the next section.
  • Include what you would like to see in responses and be specific: amount of text, format, etc.
  • Feel free to copy and paste the most important aspect of the Knowledge file examples you upload.

Knowledge: Business Background & Brand Guidelines

We uploaded an example document into the CustomGPT’s Knowledge to include some background information on the business, along with this a branded content guide.

Items to include:

  • Business history/story
  • Mission statement
  • Examples of high-quality text or URLs to scan for examples
  • Target audience and buyer personas
  • User journeys
  • Editorial process
  • Value proposition
  • Product/service offerings with detailed descriptions and specifications 
  • Content goals
  • Topics/themes you commonly write about
  • Voice guidelines
  • Tone guidelines
  • Style/structure guidelines
  • Vocabulary guidelines
TIP: After you input instructions and knowledge, test your custom GPT by asking, “Write a paragraph about what you are.” 


Conversation Starters (Optional)

Not included in the video walk through but we would suggest creating a couple starts to help whoever is conversing with this GPT get started and stay on task. These could include:

  • Review this outline/text I am about to input
  • Does this text I am about to input follow my brand guidelines
  • Tell me if this blog post aligns with my brand

Future Implications

We’ve asked our custom content reviewer, “What could help you understand my brand better and provide better feedback?” It responded:

To provide better feedback and understand your brand more effectively, I would benefit from:

  1. Updated Brand Guidelines: Any recent changes or additions to your brand guidelines, style, voice, and tone would be useful.
  2. Examples of Successful Content: Samples of content that have performed well in the past could provide insights into what resonates with your audience.
  3. Feedback on Previous Reviews: Understanding what feedback was useful or not can help refine future reviews to be more targeted and effective.
  4. Customer Insights: Information about your customer demographics, preferences, and feedback can help tailor the content to better suit their needs.
  5. Market Trends: Insights into current trends in furniture design and customer expectations can ensure the content remains relevant and appealing.

All things we should consider add to its’ knowledge base.

Please let us know if you find this approach helpful or if you have any suggestions. As we further integrate AI into our SEO and content strategies, we are keen to explore and test new integrations. Also, take a look at some other AI applications and thoughts we've been considering.


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Anthony Schultes
Anthony Schultes
Sr. Manager, SEO