Camp Seer: Our Event Space Gets A Quarantine-Friendly Makeover

Seer’s founder, Wil Reynolds, is never one to sit on a good idea -- especially when it will help his team.

After a conversation in our Seer Parents Chat group with a fellow working-parent having trouble getting their kids outdoors and active during the snowy Philly winters -- Camp Seer was born!

The Fast-Turn from Idea to Reality

A quick “heads up” message in our Seer Fun Chat group was the announcement. 

Clearly still in the making, but real enough to get the team excited about it...

What Is Seer Camp?

It’s a place for Seer Team families, couples, single folks, housemates, and the likes to get some safe, relaxing, and straight up fun time out of their house during the cold Philly winters.

Camp Activities:

Outfitted with activities ranging from kids-only to adult and kid friendly, Seer’s 7th Floor Event Space has a ton to offer:

  • Bounce House
  • Tunnel Maze
  • Kids Ride-On Electric Audi (fancy!)
  • 3,000+ Video Games
  • Ballpit
  • Amazon TV for Movies
  • Drawing and Coloring
  • Lounge Area
  • Lego Table
  • SuperHero Capes

Camp Mess Hall:

Our team is bound to work up and appetite and thirst at Camp Seer as well. 

In the kitchen, we’ll have:

  • Adult-friendly drinks - wine, beer, the tiniest bit of left-over tequila from a holiday party 😬
  • Kid-friendly drinks - juice, water, chocolate milk, the works!
  • Snacks like popcorn, fruit snacks, pretzels and more

But knowing that’s not always enough, we’ll be leaving GrubHub Gift Cards for the team to use as well.

Camp Rules:

Leave it better than you found it -- the golden rule of camping

While the space will be sanitized after each use by our amazing Office Associate, Ana Barreto, our team is expected to respect that tall task and help where they can.

  • Is the driveable car dead? Plug that sucker in for the next person to enjoy! 
  • Pack it in, pack it out! (especially smelly diapers and the likes)
  • Get a little organization in before you leave -- make it a magical entry for the next folks

Seer Team Members Only

  • Only Seer Team Members and their direct household members/roommates may visit.  
  • No outside friends, outside relatives, or guests of any kind are permitted.

One (1) Household / Day

  • Only (1) Seer Family / Household is permitted per day for quarantine safety. 
  • A booking system and calendar was created to organize the schedule.

Have a Blast!

It Takes a Village

From the parent who initiated the chat with Wil to Nora Renolyds, Wil’s partner, who initially suggested using the 7th floor to let their kids run around -- it took a village to build Camp Seer.

Shout out to our People Team who helped organize the procedures and safety protocols needed to create a safe space for our team.

  • Stephanie Powley, Seer’s Bi-Coastal Senior Office Manager, did a ton of the planning and ordering legwork to make Camp Seer a reality. 
  • Ana Barreto, Seer’s Office Associate, who enables the space to be safe and welcoming for all our team members.

Want to Come to Camp Seer?

We want you here too. Now hiring across all teams.


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Erin Simmons
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