Breaking AdWords Announcements – A Renewed Focus on Users

The team at AdWords had been teasing about a huge update on 4/22 for better part of a month. Unlike Enhanced Campaigns, minimal  information was provided ahead of time to agencies.

4/22 at 9AM PST has come and gone. The dust has settled. The twittersphere has snarked. So what happened?


Keep old toys (for now), get shiny new toys!

Product announcements were bundled into three different categories in the announcement, but I’m going to bundle them into my own and include a relevant score of Amazing, Meh, or Ew.

Death of the device:

This announcement opened with a focus on users and what they need to accomplish, not how they need to accomplish it. This is a sort of continuation of the enhanced campaign announcement of yesteryear, but without the catastrophic events. No, device targeting isn't going anywhere, but it set an interesting pace for the announcement.

App features: 

Google recognizes that more often than not, the web experience kinda sucks on a phone. As a result, they’re improving App advertising capabilities and allowing advertisers to send users to a “landing page” within an app rather than just focusing on app downloads. New conversion metrics will come along with this, as well additional in-app targeting features within AdMob.

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