Attitude of Gratitude: 15 Things We’re Grateful for This Year

Here at Seer, we send Know-Your-Company emails to learn more about our team members. Some are business-oriented, where we share what we've accomplished, thought leadership, or a difficult situation or experience that may help another team member. Some of these emails are on the lighter side, where we ask for opinions, fun facts, or recommendations.

With the holidays just around the corner and 2019 coming to a close, we thought it was the perfect time to ask our team members what they're grateful for this year.

Turns out, gratitude manifests in many different shapes and forms and we got responses from the sentimental, family, friends, loves ones, and pets, to the professional, gratitude for co-workers, the company, and our leadership team, and even to websites, apps, brands, and companies.

Read on to see who and what topped our Seer-wide gratitude list this year!

On the Sentimental Side 

Our team members shared their gratitude for family, friends, partners, and human and furry friends.

"My family, man. They go so hard!"

Geneile C. Accounting Manager

"My newly-named wife."

James C. Newlywed and Analytics Team Lead

"So incredibly grateful for my family. They are what motivates me, what keeps me sane, (also what drives me up the damn wall), and I would be completely lost without them. My husband, my babies, my parents, siblings... and of course, Gnurkles (my dog)."

Molly N. PPC Account Manager

"Really grateful for a hyper-supportive group of friends in SD."

Emily G. SEO Account Manager & San Diego transplant

"My mom, she raised me on her own and everything I do is to make her proud!"

Claire D. Analytics Associate

Love Where You Work 

Out of 27 email respondents, 100% shared why they're grateful to work at Seer. Here are some of our team's favorite things about working at Seer.

"A job where I can try new cool things every day. If I think of a new approach to a current problem, there's no 'there's no time in your schedule for that,' or 'we don't have the budget for that,' or 'but that's the way we've always done it.' So many new opportunities to innovate."

Tracy M. Data Strategy Manager

"I'm grateful to be at Seer every day! I'm 99% sure I've learned something new every single day I've been here. (You all are amazing)."

Zaine C. SEO Account Manager

"Having an office full of cool people that I'm excited to visit every day, with Winston (my dog)."

Aoife L. Sr. SEO Associate & Dog Mom

"I'm in a position where I get asked by candidates daily 'Why'd you choose Seer' or 'What's your favorite thing about Seer'. I'm so grateful to be able to answer honestly that I love working for a values-based company where the values aren't just written on the wall, they're used as a North Star to make decisions, big and small."

Jacqueline W. Sr. People Associate

Sound like a cool place to work? Join our team!

On the Lighter Side 

We also asked our team to share some of the outside-of-work things they're grateful for this year, anything that helps to make their day-to-day lives a little easier or brighter. Here are some of the highlights!

"WhatsApp - it's how I stay connected with my family and friends internationally. Honestly can't imagine life without it."

Geniele C. Accounting Manager

"My bootcamp instructor at Yoga Six, because stress no longer exists after 50 burpees."

Bailey C. Sr. SEO Associate

"The Eagles."

With a headquarters in Philly, this is a common sentiment.

"Stop and Shop Peapod grocery pick up. Sorry not sorry, but this was a GAME CHANGER for this mama."

Molly N. PPC Account Manager

"Grove Collaborative. It sounds strange but it's nice to have a company with an app that'll introduce me to natural and eco-friendly brands. Also, they write a thank you letter on each package which just warms my heart."

Jenny S. Paid Social Manager

" because they are SAVAGE on Twitter in all the best ways."

Molly Q. PPC Associate

Of course, we're also grateful for all of our blog readers! We want to hear from you, let us know what you're grateful for in the comments below.

While our team usually churns out blog posts on SEO, PPC, and Analytics, we think it's important to take time to reflect on the things you're grateful for. So, what are you thankful for? Let us know in the comments below. We hope you enjoy the holidays!

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