How to Quickly Add Google Analytics to Your Blog

You have a blog. You spend hours writing great content on your blog. So why not take a few minutes to set up Google Analytics to monitor your stats? It's a no brainer - If you commit a few minutes now to set up your Google Analytics to track, then you'll be able to let the data you get help inform your strategies, topics, and promotion.

My goal: To help you set up Google Analytics for your blog in less than five minutes, so you can focus on your content and not the setup.

Instructions below include step by step directions to add Google Analytics to your blog on Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr.

How to create a Google Analytics account

If you're brand new to Google Analytics, the starting point is to create a new account.

1. Visit and either enter your existing Google account information or create a new account 

Sign In

2. Sign up to start using Google Analytics

Sign Up

3. Fill out information, then click Get Tracking ID

Get Tracking ID

4. Keep the tracking code open for each of the next steps

Get tracking code

5. In another tab or window, open your blog 


How to add Google Analytics to Blogger

1. Log into Blogger

Blogger Signin

2. In the left navigation, select Settings

Blogger Settings

3. Under Settings, select Other

Blogger Other

4. Enter the full web property ID, including UA-

Blogger GA Code

5. Hit Save Settings

Blogger Save

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress

There are two ways to add Google Analytics to WordPress. It can either be done manually or using a plugin. You could add the Google Analytics code to WordPress manually quite easily following these steps:

1. In the side navigation, select Appearance then Editor

WordPress Appearance

2. On the right side, select the Header template

Header Template

3. Copy the full Google Analytics code and paste before the closing </head> tag

WordPress Place GA Code

Now the code should look like this:

WordPress with GA Code

4. Click Update File

Wordpress update file

That said, why wouldn't you take your analysis potential a step further while also making your setup a little easier? Google Analytics for WordPress is a fantastic plugin that makes it simple not only to install Google Analytics, but to easily get access to advanced features without needing a lot of technical skill.

1. Click on Plugins then Add New


2. Search for Google Analytics for WordPress, then click Install Now


3. Click Activate Plugin

Activate Plugin

4. Click Settings

Plugin Settings

5. Either connect the plugin to your GA account or switch to manually add the UA code

Connect Account

If you opt to manually enter your UA code, it will look like this:

Manually enter

6. Edit the Google Analytics plugin settings, then click Update Google Analytics Settings

Update GA Settings

Note: Google Analytics can only be used on blogs, not on blogs, at this time.

How to add Google Analytics to Tumblr

1. Log into Tumblr

Tumblr Login

2. Click on your site

Tumblr Select Site

3. Click on the Customize button at the bottom right of the page

Tumblr Customize

4. In the theme settings, find where to enter the Google Analytics UA Code.

Note: This can vary by theme.

Tumblr Theme Settings

Alternately, you could also click Edit HTML and place the full GA code prior to the closing </head> tag.

5. Hit save

Tumblr Save

Double check to make sure your tracking is working

1. Visit your site and keep the tab open


2. Go back into Google Analytics and click on the Reporting tab at the top

Reporting Tab

3. In the left navigation, click on Real-Time then click on any of the Real-Time report options


4. If your tracking works, you'll see data about the active visitors on your site. Success!

Real Time Data

Happy analyzing :)



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