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Seerfest 2019: We’re Coming for You, Philly



Announcing Seerfest 2019: Philly In The Fall

2018 San Diego Recap:

Looking forward to bringing this excitement to our HQ in Philadelphia this fall…

Shout out to last year’s 18 speakers and our 175 attendees who donated their time, content, and hard earned dollars to help us raise $15K for Think Dignity.


2019 Details:

Seerfest is your affordable, charity-driven, 1-day marketing conference.

Our 2019 Focus: Where People & Data Intersect

How can we get practitioners and executives speaking the same language? How can we leverage integrated data and audience insights to drive cross-channel, real business impact value? How do we better understand and solve people’s problems? How can we leverage people’s intent at scale to create efficiency in marketing campaigns? Where can we harness your existing data to identify new opportunities to re-invest after we get more efficient?

Hope to see you in Philly in the fall…


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