Even If We Can't, We Know Someone Who Can

Seer started with one major goal in mind: to help people. Helping people is at the core of how we develop strategies for our Clients, when we volunteer in our local communities, and how we spread knowledge within our industry.

We are in a (very) lucky and unique position. Seer has a lot of organizations and companies reach out to us to work together, and while our team looks to support as many of the folks who reach out to us as possible, we are realistic in that we may not always be the best fit – and that’s alright!

However, we also understand how frustrating it can be to go through the contact process and find that we may not be the right agency for you. (Our contact form is long for a reason: we believe that creating ideal partnerships means that we align on our goals, values, and budget at the onset—but it does take some time to complete!)

To help you through this process, we’ve developed a partnership program consisting of agencies whose work we admire and founders we trust.

If you reach out to us and we aren’t the right fit, we will work with you directly to find the agency that best matches with your industry, goals, and budget. From there, we can even facilitate direct introductions to one of our trusted partners to set you off on the right path.

Below is a quick snapshot of the partners we trust.


Agency Partners


Downtown Ecommerce is owned by a longtime friend of Seer’s, Patrick Tigue. In fact, he was employee #4 when we got started. He helped lay the foundation for what our company is today and we have have followed his work ever since.


Knucklepuck is owned by another Seer alumni, Brett Snyder. He actually started as an intern at Seer nearly a decade ago in 2008 when the Seer team was still in single digits. From there, he moved through our ranks quickly with the ultimate goal to build his own agency, and we’ve been a huge supporter since its inception.


Image result for optimal marketing logo

Optimal Marketing caught our attention when we shared a client, and together our teams had a really positive experience. They epitomized “working well in the sandbox,” and we were impressed with their approach to projects, their responsiveness and generally how enjoyable it was working together. The experience led Seer’s President, Crystal Anderson O’Neill, and Optimal’s CEO, Brandon Wentland, to keep in contact for nearly 5 years and eventually grew into this partnership.


SEOM Interactive is a longtime partner and friend of Seer. The owner, Mark Kennedy, is so great at what he does, that we tried to hire him back when Seer was just starting out. Instead, he created his own company, to which we’ve been happily referring business for over 8 years.


What's Next?

If you’re already working with someone on our Business Strategy Team, feel free to ask them more about our partners and how we can help connect you.