Why LinkedIn Should be Part of Your SEO Strategy

LinkedIn is quickly becoming a hub with content for professionals and organizations looking to make connections.

Historically, you might have thought of LinkedIn as a place to find a job, source talent and connect with similar-minded folks in your industry. However, LinkedIn is now a steady player in the content marketing space, where you can publish content and even optimize it for search engines. Organizations can now look at LinkedIn as a key player in their SEO strategy.

How Will LinkedIn Help My Brand with SEO?

In addition to making personal connections, you can use LinkedIn to target your organization’s audience and reach your clients in a new way.

Think of it like a personal marketplace for your brand’s content.

You can use it to publish new articles directly in the platform and appear on LinkedIn,  but you can also get those articles to show up on search engines. It’s another way to grow your brand authority and visibility in search engines and on the platform itself. Then in search results, your brand has a chance to rank via your organization’s website and with LinkedIn, resulting in double the real estate.

Tips for How to Do LinkedIn SEO

Publish articles and newsletters:

  • Navigate to “Write Article” on your home page (the newsfeed page)
  • Add your content and publish, it’s as easy as that! 
  • Keep in mind the specific audience you want to be targeting on LinkedIn and ensure your content reflects the needs of that audience
  • You can do this by including specific questions, data points or information that audience may be looking for directly in your content

Optimize your title tag and description:

  • LinkedIn now allows you to optimize the title and description of your content for how it will appear in search results
  • You can optimize new articles you are about to publish or articles that you have already published in the past
  • Navigate to the publishing menu in the article editor and select “Settings”, you will see the following window for title and description optimization
  • Use words and phrases that will align with your audience and capture their attention in search results 
  • Use descriptive language that will provide your audience with a glimpse of what they can expect if they click the content
  • Consider call to actions in your description to get your audience to take the next step

Fully customize your profile information:

  • If you plan to regularly publish content, be sure to also review your profile for any opportunities to re-optimize it
    • Tagline: Review your tagline and include any important phrases or words you’d want to use to capture your audience’s attention
    • About section: Include details about your organization that you’d want clients, prospects and future hires to know, including your mission
    • Add relevant links: Include links to recent webinars or events, case studies or job postings throughout your profile so your audience can get more information

Allow followers to sign up for your newsletter via LinkedIn:

  • It’s recommended you add your newsletter link to your profile  
  • A subscribe option to your newsletter will appear directly on your profile so when someone is interested in your content, they can sign up immediately

Schedule articles to publish (coming soon!):

  • A new feature set to roll out soon is the Schedule Article feature
  • Plan your content ahead of time and schedule to publish at a time when your audience may be most active on the platform
  • Align on a publishing schedule so you are regularly publishing new content for your audience


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Alex Landro
Alex Landro
Associate Director, SEO